We Were Meant To Thrive.

I believe that we were meant to thrive, but in truth by studying anthropology it would appear that we really were not mean to thrive, but merely to survive.

Would you agree?

One of our greatest sensors, as ruled by the region in our brain called the amygdala, has one function which is to keep us alive. It keeps a vigilant outlook for all dangers and is pretty much on red alert all the time.

This served us well back in the ancient days when we were still living in the caves or such. Today, though our amygdala is still on red alert. It still serves a purpose and to some extent is still good for us.

However, it is probably a bit too hyper sensitive most of the time and may even have a rather negative effect on us.

For many of us, going through life seems like a constant struggle. Meeting expectations, and as an adult, especially meeting all your obligations.

For the business owner, it’s typically no walk in the park getting the right results. Challenges of managing cash flow, meeting payroll and keeping the vendors at bay, while trying to accomplish more sales to keep the business afloat, is the order of the day.

The hyper sensitive amygdala often makes this even worse for us. We get stressed and we worry. In our state of worry, we will find no solutions. We run in circles and we get nowhere.

For the past 3 years, I have used my extensive business experience and acumen to coach and consult businesses of all walks of life all across the United States and in Canada.

Many of the clients were in real trouble with their businesses and were close to having to close up and abandon their dreams before I came to their aid.

With the assistance and insights I could bring to the table, we soon turned the businesses around and in most cases steered the businesses towards successful ones.

So how was I able to do that?

Well, understand that the work was done by the business owners and their team. The difference is they had the guidance of me.

And no, it is not that I have a magic wand and we just wave that over the business and then everything is successful. No, that is not it. So what then? Well, the first benefit is that coming from outside, I bring a perspective that is deeply grounded with loads of experience, studies and past results of both failures as well as successes, but also one that is unobstructed by emotional stress about the specific business.

This is key. It helps bring clarity to the problems at hand. And the clarity helps you find the solution needed.

Naturally, how you solve the problem and challenge will have to be right, and that is where the knowledge and experience comes in. The great thing is that in business everything is very well connected and it actually all makes good sense once you get to see more and more of it.

In business we can deduct most of the ailing issues from the numbers. As they say: They Numbers Don’t Lie.

Certain parameters and and elements of the business will quickly reveal to the professional business coach what needs to be addressed or at least addressed first.

I have had clients that would tell me: “We just need to sell a whole lot more”, when in fact, I could prove to them that with their current state of affairs, this would only make matters worse for them.

As I build out more of this website, I shall provide you more specifics and stories that can help shed light on these matters and thus provide you with key insights that you can use too in your business. To stay informed of more of these insights, I suggest that you sign up for my updates below at the bottom of this page.

For those who would like even greater in depth insights to how to run their business even better and achieve even greater results, I suggest looking at my Mentorship program.

There are a couple of choices here. One for the start up company or the relatively new or small business (Less than $400,000 in sales). and one for the more seasoned business.

To be fully transparent, at the time of writing this, these programs are not fully built out yet, and certainly the program pages are not even fully set up yet. However, success likes speedy action. So living by the same measure, I am posting about them now, even with several parts not yet fully built or created yet.

Success like speed on your part too, so if you are very eager and want to get going, then just connect with me now via the contact us page and I will hook you up straight away.

My programs will include key insights, training and lessons and examples that will put you in the driver’s seat of your business on your way to the results that you always wanted. Can I guarantee you positive results? Of course not. I don’t know you and I don’t know if you will implement what you will be taught via my programs or if you mess it all up. What I can promise is that the lessons hold valuable insights and instructions that if you truly take that and implement it correctly with your team in your business, you will have positive results come from it.

How can I be so sure? Simple. I personally have helped over 50 companies using these elements, systems and tools to make better businesses and in many cases turn failing businesses around to great successes. Furthermore, with many past colleagues who have implemented similar approaches, thousands of businesses have seen positive results from same efforts. This works.

A Mentorship program helps you see the possible solutions, when you just see the problems. A Mentor can guide you and help you keep your eyes on the essentials, when the daily stress would otherwise create overwhelm and stress.

Finally, a Mentorship program with access directly to the Mentor, such as in my programs, you can get specific answers to your specific questions. You can gain the Mentor’s insights and you can even purchase further packages of even further direct access for your business.

Stay tuned as more will be revealed.





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