Businesses benefit from insights, experience and perspective of those who have been there and done that. Those who have been in the trenches and lived through all the turmoil and challenges of the entrepreneurial life and who have also had extensive experience of consulting other businesses, business owners and their teams.

If you are a start up company, you will benefit from the expert who can help you avoid the many rookie mistakes and pitfalls.

If you are have a seasoned business, you gain the benefit of an outside business expert who can cut through the clutter to identify how you can quickly propel your business to a higher level of performance and profit, or indeed if this is the case, out of a rut or perhaps even extremely negative results.

Sometimes the need for a business consultant is for a specific challenge to be helped with, other times and very often it is to help steer the business out of losses and onwards to positive results. In extreme cases it is to help turn the business around quickly so as to save the business from extinction.

I have had the pleasure and honor of personally and hands on helping more than 50 businesses, their owners and their teams all across the United States and in Canada. These businesses came from all walks of life and industries. A lot of them were in deep trouble as I commenced my work with them, but with the tools, systems and training I provided they were soon turning things around.

I have special methods that I use. Especially one method has proven particularly effective not just for me, but for colleagues of mine. Collectively we have used this method with thousands of companies with reported success rates of up to 98%.

While every business may be different and unique, the business of business is business.

I have consulted a myriad of industries. I do not have to be an expert e.g. pharmacist, I let the pharmacist be that expert. I’m the business expert and I help the pharmacist with that. I also ensure that I not just help the business towards better results, but ensure that in the process the business owner and his or her team learns how to continue the improved process themselves, so that once my work there is done, they can continue on a prosperous and ever more profitable path of growth.


A lot of my clients are people who have extremely great skills at their craft. They used to have a great business when they were smaller, but over the years the business grew and although they now have more business than ever, are more business then ever, they are losing money, when they once had nice profits. That is until I enter and help them out.

What typically has happened is that their business grew, but their expertise and skills at business did not grow with them. While things were small enough, they could handle it all very well and may have been successful in making great results. As it grew, they one day woke up and everything had become stressful, more debt, bad liquidity, growing losses etc. etc.

It’s not really their fault, for typically they had no education on business to help them out, no coaches or mentors, and often until they finally hired me, no business consulting to show them a better way of conducting their business.

The great news is, running a business well is a learn-able skill. When I show the clients how, I excel at keeping things simple and directly applicable and repeatable. The methods I instruct in can not only be used to improve the business and meet the challenges of today, but will work for the new challenges of tomorrow too. That way the business owners and their teams are secured a healthy path forward even after I leave the engagement and leave the the business in their own hands.


For the start up business, the challenges are typically that the owner has little to no prior experience of personally and successfully running a business. Many rookie mistakes add great expenses and often leads to losses and failing businesses. Oftentimes, the rookie (as well as even the seasoned business owner) do not know what to look for or how to interpret the numbers (if they even look at their numbers!) so as to understand what is the underlying problem of their business. With help for a seasoned business expert and business consultant, the start up can avoid most pitfalls and stand a much improved chance of getting off to the right start and onto a path of success.


We offer consulting services both onsite in person or remotely or as a mixture of both. Onsite and in person naturally comes at a higher investment and additionally has expenses for travel (possibly flights, hotel, car rentals/Uber, and per diem) all depending on where the business is located. A lot of times the consulting can be done remotely. Of course in person may have the biggest impact, and for the business who can afford this and who is serious enough, then this would be the most recommended.


However, for the start up or the smaller business, I most often feel the expense is too much of a burden on the Cash Flow of the business and hence my recommendation is to explore the remote consulting  service. Most often you will find that remote consulting will adequately fill the need and bring huge value to your business and your business acumen and skills.


I offer all new clients that I buy them their first session by phone. In other words you get a free strategy session with me by phone so I can get to understand a bit more about your business, the current state of affairs, and the goals or needs you have. Then we determine if there is a great fit, and decide on the actual action plan as well as identify the minimum investment you will be looking at.


You can schedule a call with me using the form below. Remember, there will be no charge for the initial strategy call.


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