“We are like dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants. We see more, and things that are more distant, than they did, not because our sight is superior or because we are taller than they, but because they raise us up, and by their great stature add to ours.”

– John of Salisbury, 12th Century theologian

Mentors raise us up.

Mentors help us develop to a person on a higher level than the level we are at currently. Making changes in ourselves can pose a real challenge. We all want more. More money, better health, better looks, more time, more attention, more love etc. The great thing is we can have more, IF we become more.

Personally I have had many mentors and I appreciate every one of them. We all go through several phases in life, so sometimes the need for a specific type of mentor shows up in our life.

Perhaps we are going through a devasting loss and we could use someone special with special abilities and experience in fields of how to overcome such terrible losses.

If we were an aspiring atlethe we would seek out a great coach who is an expert in exactly the areas that we wish to excel in.

In business it is much the same. In business we can all use a great mentor from time to time. Someone who has already been through where you are today. Someone who has already had to face the challenges and the difficulties that you are toiling with right now. Someone who has not only been there, but who has found how to overcome these challenges. Someone who can repeat the solutions and who can guide you through the steps necessary to maneuver well through it all.

Maneuver through the challenges using the path of least resistance and preferable with the least costs to the equation. Without the mentor, we are left to fend for ourselves on our own. Or possible resort to asking family and friends, who I am afraid to say, probably never been through this or even if they have, probably never found a repeatable solution to help you out.

On our own, we not only often lose our sleep, but also often lose a lot of money along the way with a lot of expended concerns, worries and fruitless efforts at solving the problem.

A mentor is often the best solution. A mentor provides lots of benefits. They can help motivate us. The can push us further than we would push ourselves on our own. The can offer solutions to problems that you do not seem to be able to find solutions to yourself. Often they can see where you have blind spots. They uplevel us to a higher version of ourselves.

Mentorships can take many forms. There is the mentors that we can reach out to and ask questions. There is the personal coach (e.g. High Performance Coach), possible at a one on one level or if you seek access, but at a lower price in group settings, via e.g. Mastermind groups or on possibly a lower level; through user group.

I have achieved many things in life and for sure I paid for it all dearly through pain, struggles, sweat, tears and losses, but also with the help of some of the best of mentors. Now I wish to send the elevator back down, so to speak. I appreciate all the knowledge, experience and expertise that I have accumulated over the years, and I truly appreciate that I am able to use this constructively to help people in their businesses and sometimes on more personal levels, on themselves personally. I am humble to say, that I have helped at least (at time of writing) 200 people personally through hands on in the trenches interactions in such capacity.

Through The Automated Millionaire platform, I am now offering such mentorship programs. There are 3 avenues or choices on your overall menu to choose from:


“You can have more because you can become more”

– Jim Rohn

Mentorship Avenues

An Online Training Program

The online programs offered by the Automated Millionaire platform are directed towards specific business needs and based on extensive personal experience building businesses across continents, countries, States and industries.

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Business Consulting

We offer business consulting, both in person onsite as well as in person but remotely. Mikkel has personally consulted over 50 businesses all over the United States and Canada towards high profitability and performance.

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High Performance Coaching

This coaching is constructed to help you personally reach heightened levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence as you pursue your goals and full potential. This is a very personal journey and with a great coach you reach higher heights.

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Mastermind Group

Napoleon Hill famous for his book Think And Grow Rich, spoke about the Mastermind. He stated that when two minds meet a third will appear: The Mastermind. Joining a Mastermind group can be incredibly fruitful.

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The Automated Millionaire Mentoring Program

The Automated Millionaire Mentoring Program is the pinnacle of the personal mentoring offers we have. While our focus is for you to achieve the best results possible for your business you will enjoy benefits of teachings, coaching sessions, business consulting and mentoring.

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If you are in doubt which program or service is the best for you at this stage of your business or your life, then call us now to discuss. We can guide you to which solution will likely have the biggest positive impact on your profits in your business and on your levels of happiness and success on a personal level. Call now on +1-561-385-5414

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