As an entrepreneur but also on a personal level I’ve had big benefits of the consultant of Mikkel. He has tremendous ideas and is always supportive. He is a very wise businessperson and see the big picture and share practical advice that can be put straight into action. I would highly recommend Mikkel to you as an entrepreneur to bring your business to the next level.

Renate Hjelleseth

Project Coordinator, TechnipFMC



Mikkel is a talented business person and a really great listener. his business experience is broad and deep. Mikkel grew up following several businesses established by his father in Denmark. He was exposed to excellent business practices from a very young age. On his own, Mikkel has established, operated and sold several very complex businesses.

I started working with Mikkel while at Brownie’s Marine Group, where we were both on the Board of Directors. We have worked together on several projects since that time and I am always amazed at Mikkel’s ability to identify bottlenecks and weak points in a business model and to offer practical suggestions for fixing them. He would be an asset to any organization, especially as an advisor or member of its board of directors.

Wes Armstrong

CFP, Zeiders Enterprises, Inc.



I was introduced to Mikkel through another high-level coach and I wish to express the greatest appreciation for this connection.

Mikkel has an incredible sense of on a professional and board-member level. He exudes professionalism with a genuine willingness to help others succeed and the willingness to help others succeed and the resources he brings to the table are incredible.

To highly driven entrepreneurs, I absolutely recommend Mikkel to help develop and reach a new level of success. Boards – I have just as strong of a recommendation for gaining access to his passionate executive skills and knowledge.

Ingrid Pyka




During the past two and a half weeks, Mikkel Pitzner has demonstrated exceptional knowledge of business practices. He is extremely personable and connected with the entire staff at Young’s Appliances. Because of his demeanor, I believe that he has been most effective in his presentations. Through his persistence, he was able to identify many areas within our company where inefficiencies and burden has cost us money. Through his direction, we have also found nearly $200,000 (ed: $334,000) in inventory unaccounted for as delivered or on consignment.

The resulting efforts have totalled over $600,000 in recoverable income and savings we will see over the next 12 months. It is quite apparent that had I waited any longer to reach out, that Young’s Appliances would cease to exit in the near future.

We are moving forward with Mikkel to work with us on a program to improve our marketing and sales. Our effort and expectation of this next module will give us the necessary knowledge and develop a culture that will enable Young’s Appliances to grow and become profitable in the immediate and foreseeable future.

Douglas D. Samuels

Owner & President, Young's Appliances



The knowledge and experience you provide is invaluable to me and the business I work in and if you had not come here, we would not have been privy to that particular set of information, which will set us on a direction of success and that, above all, cannot be understated.


Young's Appliances



We have at Superior Fuel learned a great deal of knowledge, that we will apply on a daily basis.

Mikkel Pitzner’s performance and patience was outstanding and he fought every day to make sure we were staying on the right track, which is not always the case.

He is precise and diligent in his teachings. His dilligence we admire, and he truly makes us feel like he wants us to succeed.

Our company has come a long way withe the education that Mikkel has given us, knowledge that we never even thought of. We now look at doing business in a completely different way.

I would clearly recommend Mikkel to anyone, as he loves what he is doing. He is a wonderful person and great at his job. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Jean Riggi

Co-owner, Superior Fuel



Ron-Al Mold & Machine, Inc. is very pleased with the progress we have made. Mikkel has gone above and beyond all expectations to set many new protocols in place for day to day operations including the forms that have taught us how to plan our cash flow, reorganize the chart of accounts, properly quote future jobs, track where we are with productivity and make improvementson them all. We now know how a business should run in order to be profitable. His ability to get everyone here on board with the changes has created an entirely new outlook of the business and has changed the moral and atmosphere to a place everyone wants to come each day.

We are just so pleased with everything we have learned from Mikkel’s wealth of knowledge and are so happy to have made the decisions to have him come into our shop and save this thirty-five year business that may have collapsed in the near future. With our new abilities we have absolutely no doubt we will be prosperous within this next year and the future.

Ronald & Alan Siciliano

Owners, Ron-Al Mold & Machine, Inc.



Mikkel is a man with lots of ideas and a passion for starting up something new. He always has a new angle to business, ideas on how to improve workflows.

Casper Nybro Hach

Designer, Hach



Mikkel is a person with many talents. He has a fine balance in always creating a good atmosphere even though it’s a tough business. I have had several negotiations with Mikkel and even though it was in a very competitive environment, it always ended positively – due to Mikkels personality.

To me the keywords with Mikkel Is:

High personal integrity, high business ethics, trustworthy, well educated, always well prepared.

Mikkel is a person that I consider to be my friend. It is not very often that you come across business clients that turn into friendships.

It is difficult to recommend a friend, but this recommendation IS written only on Mikkel’s capabilities as a business person.

I would be more than happy to stand up for Mikkel should anyone need a second opinion or to be used as a personal reference.

Christian Dehn

General Manager, Euro Accident



Gary and I have personally gained invaluable knowledge on how we can grow our business as well as how we can maintain that growth in order to make our business worth more.

Mikkel Pitzner was extremely personable and took great care to make sure our training in their management system would be sufficient to endure over the life of this business.

We are 100% committed to making the changes outlined in the VEP (ed. the Plan).

We are very appreciative of the work that Mikkel has done here and look forward to a continued relationship.

Judy Huggins

Owner, Secretary & Treasurer, Spring Valley Gas



Wincast cannot express enough gratitude and thanks for the expertise, analytical tools, and experienced personnel. Immediately upon contracting with Mikkel, he was able to instantly analyse, identify our internal and external operational issues, assist with cash flow management, and establish the precise cost controls and key metrics. These steps directly helped unlock hidden value within our existing operation/cash flow and guided us towards the entirety of the process. We also came to greatly appreciate, and were blown away, at Mikkel’s honesty and wisdom.

We would like to particularly recognize Mikkel Pitzner’s ability, character, and skill to step in, understand the operational basics of our business. Mikkel was awesome to work hand in hand personally with everyone to implement and follow through on the processes established to execute the deliverables promised in the plan.

Thank you specifically to Mikkel for his ability to work with and implement a system customized for our business needs. We are confident and believe that this system will be the foundation upon which this company’s future is built. We can’t say enough about Mikkel and are willing to share our experience and results to anyone considering consulting services from Mikkel. We have enjoyed this first step with Mikkel and look forward to working with him according to the ongoing and future needs of our business.

Mike Castagna & Justin Winberry

Owners, Wincast



Prior to Mikkel Pitzner coming to Young’s Appliances, my company was failing. However, through his effort and guidance, it is my belief that Young’s is on the mend and headed in a positive and profitable direction.

Mikkel has a personality that engages ability to explain the concepts that we are putting into practice and motivate my staff. That was instrumental in our development.

During our time together, Mikkel was able to find significant savings in all areas of our business through reductions in redundancies and excessive spending in services and operations. He was instrumental in finding failures in some of our business practices that resulted in immediate cash.

There is definitely a change in culture amongst the Young’s team.

After reviewing the final report with Mikkel and my wife, Lori, I am significantly confident that Young’s is on a path of prosperity. This is a complete 180-degree view from where, I was in January.

Mikkel has had such a positive impact with my staff and me that I feel we will continue our relationships with him professionally and personally for a long time. We will miss Mikkel. You could not have sent a more perfect person to help Young’s Appliances.

Douglas Young

co-owner & President, Young's Appliances



I wanted to let you know that we were reluctant at first, but you have really opened our eyes to many flaws in our company. If it wasn’t for Mikkel working all hours of the day, studying our business to open our eyes to all the little line items that ended up being huge losses. Mikkel is a very bright and intelligent man, and he worked extremely hard in the little amount of time he had to help turn our business around to turn a profit.

We look forward to implementing the tools and steps he has set for us to ensure we have a brighter future ahead of us. We highly recommend him to anyone, whether it be someone new to the business or a matured company that just needs that extra push to take it to the next level.

Dan & Julie Hudson

Owners, Hudson Tile, Inc.



Mikkel Pitzner acted very professionally and demonstrated great knowledge and expertise. I thank you for your time and involvement.

Matthew Schaedler

Owners, Schaedler Enterprises Inc.

Types Of Businesses Already Served

The following is a list of types of businesses we have served already. The list does not get updated continuously, so may not contain all types we have come across. The order of the list is random:

Farmers – Car Rental Companies – Agriculture – Manufacturing – Transit Trains Manufacturing, Service & Repair – Woodcrafters – Furniture Manufacturing – Audio Video Stores – Industrial Equipment Rentals – Construction Equipment Rentals – Machine & Welding – Limousine Service Companies – Fabrication – Tire & Auto Stores – Construction Companies – Car Collision Centers – Lawn Mover Repairs & Sales – Electricians – HVAC – Crew Transportation Services – Vacation Home Rental Companies – Feed Stores & Supplies – Grain Companies – Custom Home Construction Companies – Marble & Granite – Pharmacies – Custom Industrial Business Construction Companies – Oil Reuse Companies – Tile Companies – Truck & Tractor Companies – Media Companies – Promotion Companies – Agriculture Supplies and Service Companies – Road Construction Companies – Trucking Companies – Food Markets – Gas Stations – Restaurants – Transportation Companies – Roofing Companies – Movers – Fencing Contract Contractors – Rubber Mold Factories – Crane Businesses – Delicatessens – Oil Suppliers – Gas Suppliers – Supermarkets – House Framing Businesses – Appliance Stores – Online and Personal Training Businesses – Diamond Traders – Photographers.

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