Thank you for your interest in The Automated Millionaire Signature Program. This program currently constitutes my premier business program and system and comprises of pretty much everything I believe a savvy business owner needs to understand and know in order to get the maximum out of their business.

When I help business owners and their teams in person as a business consultant, these are the same components that I teach and instruct in and help implement with clients. But instead of a weekly charge for your business to the tune of $35,000 or more for probably 10-15 weeks minimum, you can avail of this at a much reduced investment with this program – AND you still get access to me personally on weekly group coaching calls and via email support.

As a very special bonus for participants in the first group, I will even give you a 6 personal calls with me directly one on one, spread over the first 3 months following your sign on, to help you with any challenge that you are struggling with in your business.

Included in The Automated Millionaire Signature Program you will get the following components that I feel every business owner would need to be able to run their business optimally and to be able to make the most of their business venture, whether it will be with their current business or any future business venture:

The Automated Millionaire Pricing For Profit Program

The Automated Millionaire Cash Flow Management Program

The Automated Millionaire Business System

The Automated Millionaire Weekly Coaching Calls

The components are actually separate programs combined with an overall guidance to help you along. I always strive to ensure that you get the maximum benefit of each lesson, instruction, illustration and tool, so that you can really get the maximum results for yourself in your business. I continue through each module or topic in such a fashion that there is a natural progression and congruency so it is easier to follow along with, makes sound sense and so you can more readily implement what you need to implement or more easily grasp any new concept or use of new tool.

Providing you with each component as a separate Program helps you go directly to the part of your business that you may need to bring most focus to right now or indeed navigate to any section you wish to revisit again for a refresher at a later stage.

For instance, most businesses have no real solid insights to their cash flow other than the very immediate here and now time frame. But the value of having clear insight to your cash flow for the next 3 months cannot, and should not, be underestimated and helps you more than you can imagine overcome anxieties, stress, cash squeezes and helps you make sound business decisions.

So, if Cash Flow is what you need to put in place first, then you can go to that section first, so you can get moving on that immediate and fast.*

Below you can get more insights to what you will get with The Automated Millionaire Signature Program and its coaching.

This page is long, but seeing your investment in this program is considerable, I believe that you will probably really want to know what you are going to get exactly and ensure that it is worth your investment and in fact worth so much more.

So do yourself a favor and review this page carefully, please.

Here again is the list of Programs that The Automated Millionaire Signature Program consists of:

  1. The Automated Millionaire Pricing for Profit

Make your investment for this program back in no time. I have chosen to include this as the first program in the line up of what makes up the components of The Automated Millionaire Program.

The Automated Millionaire Program has tremendous value and clients have paid typically between $300,000 all the way up to $1,000,000 for the same lessons and content you will access here.

Clients return on even these high investment levels have been from 4-7 times their participation costs.

While your investment here with The Automated Millionaire Signature Program does not constitute and investment anywhere near this magnitude, I still want to help you make your investment with me back as soon as possible, so that you basically will learn and develop your business further for vast profit increases pretty much for free thereafter.

As you will learn in this component of the program, this may well constitute the fastest and most powerful way to make more cash right now and for you to quickly make additional profits to offset your investment with me and in this program.

Several of my clients have made well over $500,000 (measured in a 12 months period) in additional profits from this component alone, and the concepts entailed in this component is what helped me increase my first business 32 fold in the EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization) in my first fiscal year alone while almost quadrupling my revenue line.

2. The Automated Millionaire Cash Flow Management Program

Cash Is King – so say the old adage. Many businesses would probably have turned into great businesses if they had only had the ability to sustain what could have been just a temporary dip in cash flow at some stage of their business. But without cash, it is soon difficult to keep any business afloat, unless someone is willing to keep supporting it with further cash infusions from elsewhere.

Oftentimes, you can survive your temporary cash squeeze if only you can truly manage your cash.

But most business owners have no real way to really manage their cash. Their cash management is basically based on just a glance on “what do I have in my bank right now and possibly in my pockets.”

The slightly more advanced business owners, may have an additional idea about the immediate bills they will have to pay soon in order not to have lights shut off and a little about a few payments they expect to receive in the very near future.

But imagine if you can with great accuracy tell what your cash will look like 7 weeks from now or 12 weeks from now.

This cash flow management system helps you know exactly that providing with a full 3 months (13 weeks) overview of your cash flow!!

The tool included in this program is incredibly powerful yet simple, and it will put you in the driver’s seat for making the best decisions for your business at any time.


3. The Automated Millionaire Business System

In my capacity as a business consultant, I have very often acted as a Business Turn Around Agent. What is a Business Turn Around Agent?

A Business Turn Around Agent is someone who comes into your business and helps turn the business around from failing (often near bankruptcy) to success.

As you can imagine, clients like that do not have much cash due to their situation, and yet, I was charging them on a weekly basis to the tune of some $28,000 to $35,000 per week.

So not only did I have to turn such a business around quickly to get the business righted, but also to ensure that the client could pay my bill.

Well, I use a special system for this. It is basically a system for finding more cash in your business, and you will most likely see that you actually have cash laying around all over your business.

This system is a decision-making system, that aligns your employees with accountability and greatly improves the performance so you can begin attaining the profits that you deserve.

Efficiencies are greatly improved, and most daily operations become almost automated with your employees and management team, all held accountable for reaching desired results.

I use this system both for the businesses in trouble and for the businesses that actually do quite well but wishes to step it up to an even higher level.

The system, like pretty much all my programs are not specific to any industry but can successfully be used with any kind of business in any kind of industry.


The business of business is business.


You are probably already an expert at your craft of your specific industry, so I am not here to tell you how to do that better. Instead, I am here to teach you how you run the business better, so you can reap the benefits in much greater profits and gain more ease of operations, so you can begin to have more of the lifestyle that you probably have dreamed of since day one of your business.

4. Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Mikkel Pitzner

This program is not just an online program or course in business. No, it is a coaching program, so you can bring to me any challenge in business that you need some specific guidance to.

The group coaching calls are also meant to help you from ever getting stuck or be left with any questions you may have from going over any of the course curriculum, content or as stated, any challenge you may have currently in your business.

Those who have worked with me already have seen that we charge a fee of $825 per hour, but you get the weekly coaching calls for free.


The group coaching call are incredibly valuable. I have found that through coaching calls you often get so many more pertinent questions answered because someone else also struggles with whatever challenge you are facing.

In our group we are all typically facing similar challenges. Having your similar situation and the fixes for those described by other examples helps shed even more light to the solutions and grows your tool box for solving such problems and make your business better, more successful and make more money.



5. Special Bonus for First Group Only

I want to make your decision to participate a no-brainer. Therefore, I am loading even more personal attention and availability into it, but just for the first group (there simply would not be enough time to do so continuously with everyone).


Special Bonuses

Only For The First Group To The Automated Millionaire Signature Program:

Direct access to me:

1 Personal One-On-One Phone Call Every Other Week for 12 weeks

(Duration of 1 hour)


                        Special Unannounced Bonuses

I am also planning on several future bonuses to come, and I will announce these as we progress. Focus for right now is to get you all you need as quickly as possible so you can implement these fast and efficiently and reap the rewards


Your Investment


The Automated Millionaire Signature Program is a considerable investment, that I only offer to those that I know I can help. I don’t want to take your money unless I know for sure that what I have can actually help you and can bring you actual results well in excess of your investment with me.

Our very first attention will be to address any major emergencies that you may have. Hopefully, you don’t have any immediate emergencies, but for sure if you did, we should probably have a look at these first.

My next focus and always an important aim for me is to ensure that all investment that you make with me is earned back to you as quickly as possible in increased profits from implementing what I bring you. To do that we first look for implementation of changes that can bring you quick and hopefully consistent wins.

Some of my clients “win” the money investment with me back super fast, and it relieves the stress of having made a large investment commitment. It also energizes the clients to want to see what else we can do together to improve their businesses.

My program then continues ensuring that we get a grip on all the important parts of the business, including cash flow and where we want to go. We want to create a roadmap that will help you and your team reach your desired results.

Then I show you how to keep finding cash in your business and implement a decision-making methodology that will help you forever more going forward. Aligned with this methodology is also the system we use to ensure that all employees are aligned with the desired performance so that we improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and create much more profits.



All my lessons and tools and how to get your results are tried, true, and proven as they have already been successfully implemented with hundreds of clients that I have personally worked with in the field. Collectively with my colleagues, this system has successfully been implemented with several hundred thousand businesses from all kinds of industries.

I am positive the methods and tools that I bring you can help you. The success rate with hundreds of thousands of businesses who have had this implemented has proven to be some 97-98% and personal content is that when they did not see success, it was because the clients reverted to their old ways of handling their businesses thereby receiving the results they had previously and which were not satisfactory.


Again, I do not wish to take your money unless I know I can help you. I need you to be successful with my program so I can have yet another success story to add to my list of successful clients and such that you will hopefully send me lots of referrals and do a nice testimonial for me.

To ensure that I can help you and that we can rest assured that you will be making a sound investment with me, I need to learn a bit more about your business. So I invite you to book a free call with me during which we can see if we have a good fit with each other.

Here’s where you can book your call:


What You Will Get Recap:

Again here’s what you’ll get with The Automated Millionaire Signature Program:


The Automated Millionaire Pricing for Profit

– Make These Changes And Quickly Make Your Entire Investment With The Automated Millionaire Program Back

– The Tricks To Generating Much Better Results With Your Business

– Finally Make The Profits And Results That You Have Always Wanted

– Understanding The Consequences Of Your Prices

– Discounting And What To Avoid When Discounting

– How To Successfully Charge Premium Prices

– How To Stand Out From The Competition

– How To Price More Than Everybody Else In Your Industry

– How To Ensure You Cover ALL Your Costs – Including Your First Cost, Which Should Be Your Profits

– Special Tools Included

The Automated Millionaire Cash Flow Management Program

– Finally, Learn To Successfully Manage Your Cash

– How To Manage Cash

– How To Manage Your Obligations Even When You Are In A Really Tight Spot

– Know Exactly What You Cash Will Look Like The Next 13 Weeks (3 Months)

– How To Make Sound Decisions Based Off Of Your Cash Flow

– How To Ensure That You Reap The Cash Benefits From The Fixes You Implement In Your Business

– Manage Your Cash Better Than Most Businesses – Even Better Than Most Of The Sophisticated Businesses

-Special Tools Included

The Automated Millionaire Business System

Highly Successful And Efficient Business Tool and Method – The Most Incredibly Effective Decision-Making Tool For Fixing Your Business And Making It Fantastically Profitable

– How To Fix The Problems In Your Business

– How To Align Your Employees With The Goals You Have For Your Business

– How To Turn Around A Business From Being Near Bankruptcy to Huge Success

– How To Make A Successful Business Even More Successful

– How To Ensure That You Reap The Cash Benefits From The Fixes You Implement In Your Business

– How To Actually Improve Efficiencies

– How To Eliminate Inefficiencies In Your Organization and Employee Performance

– How To Incentivize Your Employees

– How To Set You Accountability Measures That Actually Works

– How To Identify The Key Performance Measures (KPIs) That Actually Matters

– How To Create A Business That Is Run By Your Employees

– How To Get Your Employee To Ensure Their Co-workers Remain Efficient

– How To Get Systems In Place So You Can Step Back More And Enjoy The Business Rather Than Have to Put In Endless Hours

– How To Remove Stress From Running Your Business

-Special Tools Included

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

– Get Personal Help On Your Specific Challenges In and With Your Business

– Get Answers To Your Specific Questions

– Get Expert Help With Your Obstacles In Your Business

– Get Additional Coaching To Help You Remove Road Blocks

– Learn Key Insights To Issues You Are Probably Facing, But Forgot To Ask About Or Were Afraid To Ask About

– Get Numerous More Examples Of How To Fix Challenges, Issues And Obstacles In Business

– Get More Explanations To Your Burning Questions

– Fast Track Yourself To Further Results

– Personally Additional Guidance And Coaching From The Automated Millionaire, Mikkel Pitzner

– Guaranteed Weekly Group Coaching Calls For First 90 Days After Sign Up, But Access For Life (As Long As Group Coaching Calls Are Taking Place and Offered)

Special Bonus Only For A Limited Time

– Personal One-On-One Calls With The Automated Millionaire, Mikkel Pitzner

– Get Even More Personal Help One-On-One With The Automated Millionaire, Mikkel Pitzner

– Additional Hands On Help With Challenges In Your Business

Unannounced Bonuses

– I Have Plans For Several Bonuses To Be Presented Over Time

– Additional Valuable Tools

– Additional Valuable Insights and Lessons

Ongoing Support

– We are committed to your success and to you getting the maximum results out of our programs.

– That is why we stay on top of all email support tickets. Any questions you may have pertaining your business or contents or tolls of the program, just send these in an email to us at

– Should the need arise, we may even schedule additional calls (group coaching calls or one-on-one calls) with you or your team members.

– We understand that your success with our programs is our success. We need you to be successful, so we can hope that you will rave about our offers and solutions, so we on our end can grow our business. We know, we cannot be successful unless you get successful with the what we bring to the table to you.

Accessing Your Program

The Automated Millionaire Signature Program is comprised of online videos, downloadable PDFs, Excel spreadsheet tool, and weekly group coaching calls. Because of the nature of coaching the program is non-refundable.

The benefits of the online access to the videos, pdfs, tools and other materials are many-fold, but to just name a couple that most people find very useful is the fact that you can access at any time you feel useful, so you can access on your chosen time schedule. The other element is that you can repeat any section or any lesson over and over to really grasp the content. As you know, repetition is the mother of skills.

All owners of your business will be granted access to your program. Upon purchase and sign up, you will be asked to set up the Owner’s account. For any additional accounts needed, please email providing full name of additional person, valid email address and position/function in your business.

To prevent fraudulent sharing of our programs, we prefer email addresses using your company domain.

For your Cash Flow Management Program, you will probably need access for your bookkeeper. It is our suggestion that your bookkeeper will update your Cash Flow Management Report at least weekly and then submit such to you as the Business Owner to review and base your decisions on.

The benefit for the way we have designed these programs as “stand alone” programs provides separation of access among owners (often Owners of the Businesses) of the programs and users (which could include employees).


When you run a business well, it is much your employee and your management team who actually do most of the work and provide for much of the results. Your Management Team is key to make this happen, so several modules or sections are created with the purpose of training your Management Team and getting all of these participants on the same page.

A lot of our clients are worried about if they can find the time to run their businesses and also dive into the training such as is provided in this program. Well, by making several modules and sections specifically for the Management Team, we help get your employees trained so they can help you fast track the desired results you wish to attain with your business.

In other words, you are not alone in this and in other words we help you make all transitions much faster and bring an understanding of the methods and the How Tos into place across all your key team members.


Still afraid you will not have the time for this program?


Well, if you do not have the time, it is exactly one of the biggest signs that you actually need this program. It is a sign that you have not yet organized your business in such a way that you create all your desired results without having to spin all the plates and be bogged down into minutia of this problem, that problem and everything else. When you have many fires going on, or your have smaller or larger amounts of chaos going on, it is because your have not set yourself up for success.


If you do not change this, you will be stuck in the hamster wheel forever more.


This is your wake up call.


Technological Requirements

The programs, contents and tools are accessible online from all platforms. While we suggest most of your work with our programs happens on a desktop or laptop, the platform we use for our content delivery is accessible from any mobile devices (smart phones or tablets), and the platform does this superbly.


Should you be accessing a group coaching call or even one-on-one calls, you can do so via your mobile devices, but may find it advantageous to do so on a desktop or laptop. Should you be using a desktop or a laptop, it is recommended that you have a microphone attached and possibly a webcam.

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