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A lot of our clients are stressed out when they come to us for help. What used to be a good business some years ago, has turned into a nightmare. Bills and debts have piled up, and although they are busier than ever, it seems they just cannot get the business profitable. The stress of the business has begun to take its toll on everything else too, the relations at home with the spouse and children, health is taking a hit too and many sleepless nights are a standard.

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Following the methods that we teach and train in, you now have a team in your business that knows what their daily tasks are and can fulfill them. You have an accountability measure in place and systems that have help change behaviors. You also know how to go about your business, what numbers are important to track for you to stay the course of always having a healthy business that consitently brings you great results. You make more money and have better time for family and other activities outside the business.

I Know This Page Is The "About Me" Page, But It's Actually Much More About You


Below you can learn more about The Automated Millionaire, and me Mikkel Pitzner, who is the creator of The Automated Millionaire. However, this really is much more about you, your business and how I can help you achieve higher results and performance. More profits and possibly higher performance in other areas of your life simultaneously. It’s about how together we can improve not just your life, but the lives of those around you that you care for.
So before you read further about The Automated Millionaire, I invite you to glance at some of the clients that I have personally helped and see what they have said about me and my services.

Testimonial from Superior Fuel


We have at Superior Fuel have learned a great deal of knowledge, that we will apply on a daily basis. Mikkel Pitzner’s performance and patience was outstanding and he fought every day to make sure we were staying on the right track, which is not always the case. He is precise and diligent in his teachings. His dilligence we admire, and he truly makes us feel like he wants us to succeed. Our company has come a long way withe the education that Mikkel has given us, knowledge that we never even thought of. We now look at doing business in a completely different way.

I would clearly recommend Mikkel to anyone, as he loves what he is doing. He is a wonderful person and great at his job. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Jean Riggi
Co-owner, Superior Fuel

Mikkel Helped Us Unlock Hidden Values In Our Business


Wincast cannot express enough gratitude and thanks for the expertise, analytical tools, and experienced personnel. Immediately upon contracting with Mikkel, he was able to instantly analyze, identify our internal and external operational issues, assist with cash flow management, and establish the precise cost controls and key metrics. These steps directly helped unlock hidden value within our existing operation/cash flow and guided us towards the entirety of the process. We also came to greatly appreciate, and were blown away, at Mikkel’s honesty and wisdom.

Mike Castagna & Justin Winberry
Owners, Wincast


Had Mikkel Not Helped Us, Our Business Would Have Ceased To Exist


Through his direction, we have also found nearly $200,000 (ed: $334,000) in inventory unaccounted for as delivered or on consignment.

The resulting efforts have totalled over $600,000 in recoverable income and savings we will see over the next 12 months. It is quite apparent that had I waited any longer to reach out, that Young’s Appliances would cease to exit in the near future.

Snippet from

Doug Samuels
Co-Owner of Young’s Appliances

Mikkel Saved Our 35 Year Old Business


We are just so pleased with everything we have learned from Mikkel’s wealth of knowledge and are so happy to have made the decisions to have him come into our shop and save this thirty-five year business that may have collapsed in the near future. With our new abilities we have absolutely no doubt we will be prosperous within this next year and the future.

Ronald & Alan Siciliano
Owners, Ron-Al Mold & Machine, Inc.


We Help You Make More Money


Our predominant charge and focus is helping you make more money.

With more money there is just so much more you can do. You might say that more money often solves a lot of problems and challenges. In our processes though we help you streamline and optimize your processes in your business and give you and your team a much improved understanding of how to run a great business that consistently produces great results. We teach you how to fish and how to do so in an efficient manner.


We Help Small And Medium Sized Businesses Make More Money

The clients that typically stands to gain the biggest results from what we offer are the small to medium sized business, who are generating sales of at least $800,000 to $30,000,000 and who have at least 5 employees or more.

What industry you are in matters little. The principles and the challenges you are facing running a business are much the same. Naturally there can be industry specifics for which you need your specialized skills, but from the stand point of the business of business and of managing people for great returns are the same. E.g. we let you be the expert pharmacist, HVAC specialist, concrete service provider etc., and then we bring you a system that will make your business excel as well as you personally, your team and other employees of your company.

We know this to be true, for the methods we are using have been implemented with hundreds of thousands of businesses by our colleagues, and personally, I have hands on helped over 100 businesses from all walks of life all over the US and Canada using our methods and all of them experienced a huge return on their investment with me.

My methods are great for the struggling business, and can help them quickly turn things around into a profitable and growing business. My methods are equally beneficial to the well run businesses, who just wishes to level up to even greater results. I have pretty much seen it all and can safely say there has not been one single business I have worked with that did not receive a substantial benefit from the implementation of our methods.

If your business falls into one of these categories then you are in the right place. We help with a lot of things in a business, but at the end of the day the predominant focus is to help you make more money.

In business there are a lot of knobs you can turn in order to improve on efficiencies, productivity, margins, increase sales and growth and much more. We have tried and tested systems that have been implemented in thousands of businesses and have a proven success rate at about 98%. In other words we can say with certainty that we can help you make more out of the business you have.

We help you with how to make more out of what you already have got. We help you ensuring that you have a team who knows what to do and help you with implementing accountability measures. We show you how you run programs that actually help change behaviors for the better and for improvement of productivity, and we help you be a better manager of your business and provide you with a better understanding of your numbers and how great businesses are run.

Seeing it is a method and system we use, we have the benefit that once implemented and trained in it, you, your team and employees can continue the process including creating an everlasting results improvement for your business as well as leaving with you an incredible method for handling the challenges that make come in future in a dynamic world.

Here are some of the things we typically handle or help you with:

– Make More Money From The Business You’ve Got

– Grow Your Revenues

– Grow Your Profits

– Improve Productivity

– Improve Efficiencies

– Business Strategy

– Finance Planning & Budgeting

– Business Plans

– Marketing Strategy

– Streamline Operations & Management

– How To Manage Cash Flow

– Pricing

– Return On Your Investment

– Transformation, Turn-Around & Restructuring

– Understanding Your Business

– Coaching Of You, Managers, Teams and Employees

– Mentoring

We Help You Make More Money

We Offer In Person And Onsite Consulting Services, Offsite Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring And We Offer Online Training Programs.

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Onsite In Person or Offsite Consulting

We Help You Make More Money.

We Offer In Person and Onsite Consulting Services and if deemed  possible and advantageous, Offsite Consulting.

We have helped over 50 businesses in person and onsite make a whole lot more money. The value of this service is incredible, but the investment needed is also considerable. Since the Return On Your Investment is so substantial that really isn’t a problem, but we realize that that can be a frightening proposition to many. Therefore, we also offer Offsite Consulting by phone, skype, screen share or what is deemed the best avenue for each occasion.

We Offer A Variety Of Online Programs To Help You

We have packaged up a lot of what we do when when we consult a business. There are many benefits to the online program including the fact that you can repeat the training over and over again if needed. You can study the material at your pace and on your desired schedule. And you will gain access to the knowledge at a much smaller investment than when you engage in onsite in person consulting.

Coaching & Mentoring

As a Certified High Performance Coach, Mikkel Pitzner also offers personal coaching or if you wish to go for the top tier program, Mentoring.

These of course are very personal and naturally fully confidential as are all our offerings inclduing Consulting and the Online Programs.

The Automated Millionaire

The Automated Millionaire, the title sounds flashy and intriguing. But there is a story behind this title. Years back, I had a meeting with some great marketing guys. I had paid $10,000 for a day with them to have them help pave the way for increased results of bringing my knowledge out to a greater audience, so that I could help a lot more people improve their businesses while not least improving their personal lives.

For the marketing team to understand where my unique power and skills lay, we went over my story and background, and when they learned more about my successes from my earlier days, when I made more money and generated more profits from my business with less work, they coined the term: The Automated Millionaire.

From then on, this is what they called me: The Automated Millionaire.

But it is actually more than that. It is not necessarily about doing less work, but it certainly is something about getting more benefits and reaping greater results from your work.

Years, later and I consulted a lot of companies. Over a period of almost five years I traveled all over the United States and Canada to consult businesses of all kinds, helping their owners and their teams get a better grip on their businesses and certainly helping them to achieve better results.

These businesses came from all walks of life, backgrounds and industries. Just to mention a few of the types of businesses I consulted pharmacies, funeral homes, oil companies, lawn mover dealerships, grocery stores, custom home builders, fencing contractors, concrete services, excavating companies, aerospace parts manufacturers, landscaping companies, water well services, trucking companies, ATV dealerships, media and marketing companies, appliance stores, farms, agriculture supply stores, feed stores, gas stations and food markets, etc.

As you can see the businesses came from all kinds of industries. I did not have to be an expert in e.g. being a pharmacist, the pharmacist typically was already such an expert, and for me to try and learn all of that would be too costly on the client’s expense and would not necessarily help him or her much. No, what I needed to be great at was being great at running a business. For the fact is that the business of business is business and it really does not change much from industry to industry.

Yes, of course the industries are all different and sometimes you have to accept certain differences in how things are carried out under certain industries and their rule sets, but underlying all of it, the fundamental rules and interactions of business are much the same.

And that is what I am great at.

For all my adult life, I have run businesses. Either as an employee, as a business owner, an advisor, a consultant or a board of directors member. From the early age of 25, I was promoted to CEO of Denmark’s fourth largest car rental company. A business with very large capital investments, with many complicated rule sets, and 200 plus employees spanning several locations, even including franchise operations etc.

While being the CEO of said company, I went ahead and purchased my own first personal business, Denmark’s oldest and largest corporate limousine service business. In the first 14 months of ownership, I grew this business about 3.5 times in terms of revenues, while increasing the EBITDA 32-fold, all while operating this 200 employee business entirely by what I call “remote control”. EBITDA stands for Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization.

During my consulting years, I helped 100 plus companies, as mentioned all over the United States and Canada. The work took me to nooks and crannies I would probably never have seen had it not been from this work. The work was very rewarding and I was fortunate to meet and positively help and influence a lot of great people. Business owners who often were close to giving up on their businesses, while all their personal relations also suffered from poor financial results, and not uncommonly, failing health at the same time, soon began to learn from me how to turn their business results around and adopt better mindsets for themselves and their lives. Not just for their business, but for their own lives in general.

The vast work with all these companies helped me cement even more all the business acumen and knowledge in a more structured business model mindset, and provided me with loads of real life case studies in very short time period. But traveling to all the companies also constituted a very special and somewhat draining lifestyle for myself. Basically I was traveling 5-6 days per week, staying in hotel rooms for almost five years straight and renting cars every day throughout the same period.

The challenge with this model is that while I helped a lot of businesses, I could really only help just about one company at a time. My knowledge and system, however, has the power of helping a whole lot more than that. The delivery method in fact is just too limited this way and also rather pricey for the individual business. That is why I have decided to provide my lessons and my systems via information products. Via this method, I will provide my insights via books, online digital training information products, courses and possibly seminars. Yes, I still offer my services as board of directors member and sometimes as a consultant in person. But the way of the digital online training courses and products is by far the best way for me to help a lot more people and also not least to drive down the cost for this incredibly valuable information for the individual client.

To offer you an idea of the cost for my services as a consultant when I traveled around a lot, it would typically cost you as a client $25,000-$35,000 plus per week, plus all my travel expenses typically around another $2,300-$3,000 per week too. Today, my fee is often $10,000-$15,000 per single day, plus all travel expenses. In contrast, my books are typically from just under $20 a piece to maybe $100, and my online courses may range from $997 to $12,997, plus the signature course and Mastermind groups ranging from $30,000 to $55,000. While, a select few clients opt for the larger packages which range from $250,000 to $500,000, most of our community consist of clients of the $55,000 packages. In other words, even opting for my most expensive offerings of my online courses, you will be saving a huge amount compared to the in person help in your business.

And the cool thing is, as a client of my online programs you actually have direct access to me via regularly scheduled group calls etc.

I invite you to look further at my course offerings and my services and see which program fits your current situation best. My courses are directed in specific to the small to mid sized companies who are in need or want of achieving better results.

If you have any questions about any of the programs or services offered, please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact form or by email to You can also ring us at +1-561-385-5414

To see what clients have said about me and my services, please visit the testimonials page.

The Automated Millionaire Online Programs

With the intention of helping even more business owners and their teams I have constructed a number of online training programs

Some Highlights of Mikkel’s Journey:

Boarding school from the age of 10 (Denmark, 7 years straight at the boarding school)

– Studied at University College of London, England (UCL, Bs.c. Econ graduated with honors)

– Political Science at Columbia University (NY, NY)

– Breakthrough Service Executive Program at Harvard Business School (MA)

– First real job was as a car washer with the 4th largest car rental company

– Excelled in that same business and became the CEO of the entire business in just 6 year

– Also joined the Board of Directors at the time of becoming the CEO

– Grew the sales of his first personal business 3.5 times in the first year of ownership

– Grew the EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) 32-fold in same first year of ownership

– Created these astounding results from a remote position, with a brand new team (all new to the industry)

– Became third equal partner of a business that soon spread nationwide locations in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany

– 7 time consecutive years Borsen Gazelle winner (this has only happened 0.08% of all Gazelle winners i history of this prize. Gazelle winners are companies that as a minimum have doubled its turn over (or gross profits) over a 4 year period)

Took this last mentioned company public

– Worked several periods in and with another American public company

– Ranked top-3 among more than 1,300 highly esteemed business consultants in one of the largest and most successful business consulting companies of the United States

– Has helped more than 150 businesses in person, on-site, in the trenches on to success

– Many of last mentioned saving these from near bankruptcy levels and took them onto prosperity

– Now bringing all the expertise to many more businesses at a fraction of the otherwise usual investment expenditure utilizing the online platforms and extremely valuable group coaching calls


Hi, I’m Mikkel Pitzner


I’m also known as The Automated Millionaire, a nick name I earned from having turned a business from making rather mediocre results into a hugely successful business, with explosive growth in sales and even more remarkable growth in earning, even within the first 12 months of ownership, and all while not actually setting foot in the business or being part of the daily operations.

Humble beginnings started as an employee who was hired to the lowest entry position of a large company and within just a short span of about 6 years worked my way up to become the CEO, as well as part of the Board of Directors, of the same company.

My journey has taken me all over, with roles from employee, volunteer, business owner, business partner, Board of Directors member, founder. From private companies to publicly traded companies. From Denmark, to Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland, Italy, the United States and Canada.

Utilizing my vast and deep business experience and acumen, I became a business consultant and a business turn-around agent, soon ranking top-3 among some 1,300 esteemed colleagues. I have helped more than 100 businesses in the field, in the trenches, so to speak, turning most of these struggling businesses onto a path of success and prosperity, all in a matter of just mere weeks or a few months. I have done so using a special business method that is industry non-specific (the business of business is business) and has proven 97% successful with over 300,000 businesses.

Now, I’m helping small and medium sized businesses from all kinds of industries all over to create much greater results, read: Make Much More Money, while also making the daily operations of the businesses run much more efficiently and smoothly, almost on auto-pilot.


Will you be my next success story?

Mikkel Pitzner has also authored and co-authored currently 9 books, 8 of which became

Amazon Best Sellers:

Still need to know more? Then here’s a little more about Mikkel

As Seen On:

CNBC, abc,, Entrepreneur, Fox News, CBS News, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fast Company, SmartMoney, USA Today and NBC, America’s PremierExperts, Børsen, Berlingske Tidende, Erhvervsbladet, and Näringsliv. Mikkel Pitzner was also a guest at the Brian Tracy TV Show, which has been aired on several large US TV Networks. He was a guest also at Amino TV, The Secret Entourage and radio program Money for Lunch

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