Programs & Mentorship

Via The Automated Millionaire platform here, we offer a number of programs and services. These typically fall into 3 categories as follows:

Online Training Programs

Consulting Services


Online Training Programs

The Automated Millionaire offers a number of online programs to help the business owners and their teams to achieve greater results for their businesses.

The programs are typically universal for businesses and addresses areas of business that all typically face in one shape or another. To give an example, all businesses have to be able to manage Cash Flow, all businesses need to be able to keep track of productivity, stay profitable, grow and many other things.

The contents of the programs have been used extensively with a long list of businesses spanning almost all kinds of industries and locations.

Online programs offer training materials via platforms such as this website, supplying you with text, videos, audios, downloads and often tools (all or combination of these, depending upon program). The benefits of online training programs are vast, but include among other things the following: Vastly reduced acquisition cost for you the business owner, ability to access the material when it is convenient for you, ability to share the content with your team, ability to revisit any lessons that you may need to to heightened your grasp and understanding of the content. Also as a student, you are never left behind or alone. You will have access to me for further questions via forums, emails, group session calls, or further purchases of consulting with me personally either in person or via private calls.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, using the contact form (go to the Contact Us page).


The Automated Millionaire has a “leave no one behind” policy, meaning we wish to ensure that everyone who takes on our training programs, consulting services or mentoring receives the benefit and return on his/her investment. Because of that, most of the programs includes group coaching, during which sessions you have the ability to raise the questions or challenges you are struggling with currently, so that together we can find the solution that will bring you the desired results and will propel you further.

Business Consulting Services

The Automated Millionaire offers business consulting services too. In person and on-site or via phone, Skype or Zoom or some other platform suitable, or as a combination of in-person and on-site and electronic platform.

Such programs are personalized in lieu of the different challenges companies may face. A specific plan and estimated time outline will be drawn up and reviewed with each client and for client’s approval before further work and engagement take place.


Plans can naturally change should it be deemed necessary or advantageous for the betterment of the client’s business.

Many of the methods and tools utilized during such client engagements are also to be found in the various online training programs offered by The Automated Millionaire.


Clients interested in this service of more hands-on help from The Automated Millionaire should book a call with Mikkel.


The Automated Millionaire offers several avenues for Mentoring or Mentorship.

The various online training programs of course are the avenues that are probably the most accessible, seeing you can access these pretty much any time you wish and multiple times at that. Most of the programs include access to private Facebook groups that gain you even more access to The Automated Millionaire directly. Similarly most of the programs include access to online group coaching calls during which you can engage directly with Mikkel and seek further clarification or help with a current challenge you may be facing.

For more in-person and on-site help, you’ll need to look at the possibility of the Business Consulting Services offered. As you will find, we structure these on individual basis depending on client budget and on challenges faced by the individual company.

Finally, possibly some of the best mentoring offer is for you to consider one of the Mentorship programs, or as we usually call them Mastermind groups. There are currently 2 levels of Mastermind groups offered. There’s a link further below on this pages that will provide you with more insights.



Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, using the contact form (go to the Contact Us page).

More details below:

Online Training Programs

These programs follow the traditional online program structure, through which the materials, including online training videos, downloads, tools and other materials are delivered online. Oftentimes, there may be group calls associated with the individual program scheduled at regular interval, and there may be specific private Facebook groups for the program. Additional personal support in the form of on phone consultation can be purchased additionally.

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Business Consulting

There are 3 ways to use my Consulting Services. one would be in person and onsite. Another avenue is Remote Consulting (phone call, screenshare or similar) and thirdly a mixture of the two. Naturally, the investment with each of these avenues differ, but rest assured the value for all is sky high.

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While all Programs and Services entail Mentorship, I do have specific Mentoring Program that provides much more extensive Mentoring than the Programs on their own can offer and than the typical Consulting Services provides.

If you are looking for higher end Mentoring, then I strongly recommend checking out the Mentoring programs offered here.

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This Is Not Another Get Rich Quick Scheme


I don’t believe in Get Rich Quick Schemes. Any of these programs are by no means another promise of a get rich quick scheme.

But that being said, I have learned through own experience that you can obtain and create some really incredible results in a very short time if you do the right things. Naturally there are many factors that are involved in this and it may certainly be dependent on a lot of factors, including but not limited to your own personal abilities, stamina, persistence, beliefs, habits as well as your chosen venture and business.

While I do hope to demonstrate to you some real results being accomplished in relatively short periods of time, I’m in no way advocating any get rich quick schemes here for you and I’m in no way telling you that any of The Automated Millionaire programs will be anything of that kind. Indeed, I cannot guarantee your results – please do read also our Earnings and Income Disclaimer

What I will endeavor to do is to bring you some of the key insights and great lessons that I have picked up along the way. A lot of these lessons have come very expensively to me – like in 2008 when some of my lessons cost me several millions of dollars. A number of great insights I have picked up from some very prominent and highly expensive Mastermind groups that I have attended, numerous seminars, several great mentors and years of study and experience from doing business across many industries, many countries and several continents.

I believe also the extra added twist that I can bring you by showing you my new and real time ventures that I will be commencing along the way will be of great value to you. You will be able to learn along the way some of my thought processes, actions and focus and you will be able to witness first hand my mistakes and mishaps as well as hopefully the successes I will encounter.

Mistakes and Mishaps?

Yes, I do not believe that I will not be making a few of those along the way even though I already have much experience. But remember you can often learn much more from the mistake and failures you encounter in life than from when things have just gone smoothly for you. So you should find this very educational and insightful either way.

Will there be risks involved. More than likely, yes. If you venture out into any venture you will encounter risk along the way.

Through my insights and lessons that I shall convey along the way, I hope that we can minimize the risks and the losses, but I can make no guarantees and can in no way be in control of what possible choices and ventures you yourself may choose to venture out into. Your ventures will bear your own risks and you will have to make your own judgement calls and decisions and accept the responsibilities yourself entirely.



While the contents and the teachings offered via The Automated Millionaire have helped numerous businesses of all kinds, positive results cannot be promised. Please review the Earnings & Income Disclaimer along with the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use to familiarize yourself with our policies and disclaimers.

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