The final piece of the equation to assess the Current State of Our Business is to review our bank account.

The bank account of a business is like its financial heartbeat, providing real-time insight into the operational liquidity and cash reserves available for immediate use. Understanding what cash is on hand, as well as access to lines of credit and other forms of credit, is a critical component of gauging a company’s current financial state. Let’s delve deeper into why each of these elements is pivotal.

The Role of Cash On Hand

  1. Operational Liquidity: Cash in the bank represents the liquidity available to meet daily operational expenses. It’s the most liquid asset a business has and is critical for short-term financial health.
  2. Emergency Buffer: This cash also serves as a buffer for unforeseen expenses or emergencies, providing a safety net that can help a business navigate through challenging periods without disrupting operations.
  3. Investment Readiness: Having cash on hand means being ready to take advantage of investment opportunities or to make strategic purchases that could benefit the business in the long run.

Lines of Credit and Other Credit Facilities

  1. Flexible Funding: Lines of credit offer flexible funding that businesses can draw on as needed. This flexibility is crucial for managing cash flow, especially in times of fluctuating revenue.
  2. Interest Implications: While lines of credit provide essential liquidity, they come at a cost. Interest and fees associated with these credit facilities can impact long-term financial health and must be carefully managed.
  3. Credit as a Strategic Tool: When used strategically, credit can support business growth initiatives such as expansion, acquisition, or research and development projects that require upfront capital.

Integrated View of Financial Resources

  1. Comprehensive Financial Snapshot: A business must integrate its cash position with its access to credit to have a complete picture of its financial resources. This integrated view informs decision-making around spending, investment, and growth strategies.
  2. Risk Management: Understanding the full scope of financial resources helps in risk management, ensuring that the business does not overextend itself financially.
  3. Creditworthiness: Regular utilization and repayment of credit facilities can also help in building a business’s creditworthiness, which can be beneficial for securing future funding at more favorable rates.


In essence, the true financial state of a business is not just reflected in its current assets or profitability but also in the liquidity and financial flexibility it possesses. A comprehensive look at a company’s bank accounts, coupled with an understanding of its credit lines and other financial resources, provides a clear picture of what it can do right now and how it can leverage its position for future opportunities. Properly managing these resources is key to maintaining financial health and ensuring sustainable growth.

In times of financial distress, we may even have to consider alternative sources of cash, which could entail asking friends or family for loans, or even investigating the possibilities of payday loans even though these often come at a hefty price. We will come back to this subject at a later time.

If indeed you, like many of my clients, are having some challenges here, you already know it, without the need to consult too many reports.

In fact, you probably don’t like to consult the reports, because you already know it’s looking bad and you cannot stomach looking at it in greater detail. You already feel the pain and receive too many vendor calls asking to be paid. You may already have sleepless nights.

Rest assured I will return to these subject matters as we go along (or if indeed your situation is very dire, then I would strongly suggest you book a time with me to discuss possible solutions. Just reach out to me via the platform your are reading this article on).

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