The Automated Millionaire has long been my next business in the making. But for whatever reason, I have been distracted and busy about making other businesses or helping clients here and there with their businesses.

But at my heart has long been the idea of making my insights more readily accessible and available to much more people. These are insights on how to improve your business results greatly, and understand the business of business better, which typically soon enough helps you improve your life in so many other ways too.

If you read my About page, you will soon learn how I traveled all over the United States and Canada for more than two years helping personally 50 plus companies from all kinds of industries. While this was very rewarding it was also a lot of traveling and a lot of living on the road and yet, seeing only a limited among of clients, meaning limiting just how many people I could ultimately help.

Well, with The Automated Millionaire platform, I am hoping to reach a whole lot more people. The greatest reward from the life on the road consulting these clients, was seeing the profound changes taking place, helping all of them improve their lives, not just in their businesses, but ultimately in their personal relationships as well.

My services in person at a client comes at a high cost. Yes, the value is tremendous and as a client you would typically soon enough reap a return on your investment with me of some 2-7 times. But it is still is a lot of money. With The Automated Millionaire platform, I can help you and provide you with much the same knowledge and insights at a much lower price point and for me even more importantly, I this way reach and help a lot more people all over the world.

 This website constitutes a new rebuild of The Automated Millionaire. I hope that you will enjoy the messages and the teachings I offer here, and I hope that I shall receive your feedback over time. I welcome you and hope to see your return visit here often.

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