In life and in our businesses we want to make good decisions. But how do you make good decisions? How do you know whether to turn left or to turn right?

Well, experience usually help us a lot further. Scientists use data, and the savvy businessman or businesswoman does too.

We collect the facts that we know of and see how these findings all play in with the rest of the variables of our business in connection with the decisions we have to make as we progress.

As entrepreneurs we often have wishes to pursue new opportunities or expand on areas of our businesses either out of want, of grand ideas of where this could lead us or indeed out of necessity.

Pretty much all our decisions we make in our businesses will affect our cash, Either instantaneously or later.

I have consulted personally at least 50 businesses on site and none of the businesses (small and some larger) truly had any cash management tools at hand. Managing cash was merely a matter of checking the bank account and perhaps keeping an eye out on the cash you were hoping to come in over the few days or weeks (Accounts Receivables) and an eye on the cash that would go out of your account (Accounts Payables). But truly none of all the businesses that I visited had any true system or tool to help them out.

It was a fly by the seats of your pants system for all of them. Why?

Well, the truth is simple. The business owners and their bookkeepers simply did not know how to set up a real system or tool for it.

With all of the businesses I visited, one of the very first things my colleagues and I would implement and set up with them was the Cash Management Tool.


Well, because it is simply THAT IMPORTANT.

Our consultancy services were a considerable investment. Worth it for sure, but a very considerable investment. Seeing also that we needed to be paid up fully in cash once every week, it was naturally vitally important that there was a good way to gauge if and how that cash would be available.

Not just so we consultants could get paid, but also not least to ensure that the business could survive and make things happen. Without cash it is very difficult to make things happen.

The cash management tool ALWAYS was a revelation to the business owners and their bookkeepers. Many of the bookkeeper would have a skeptical eye out at first, because frankly, such a tool is probably what they should have implemented in the businesses.

But you cannot fault the bookkeeper at all. They do not teach you any good systems for Cash Management reports or tools in accounting classes or when you learn QuickBooks or one of the other bookkeeping programs. Truth be told, most of the businesses I used to run did more or less what the clients of mine used to do before we implemented the cash management tool in their businesses. At best we had our budgets to give us some guidance as what to expect, but the budgets while very helpful and valuable, provide no where near the hands on insights needed for the daily decision making.

 The consultancy work we carried out with our clients could take many forms, but basically with every single one of the clients, we had ONE goal in mind which was to: MAKE THE CLIENT MORE MONEY.

That’s right, even if the client was making really good money, we always had one key objective: To make the client (even) more money.

You can do so much more with money. So while yes, we would help implement other nice things, such as various systems for smoother operations, people management systems and many other improvement implementations in the businesses we visited, ultimately we were still there to make the client greater results by way of making them more money.

The cash management tool was a great way also to demonstrate whether they were making more money with us or without us. It provided a great measuring device to hold us accountable for the services they invested in with us.

Another goal with our consulting services was to Teach The Client How To Fish as opposed to just catching the fish for the client. In other words we were there to instruct, teach and lead the client and the team towards better results, learning it in such a way that they could soon enough take over the reigns again when we left and continue the positive changes and progression that we had set in motion with them.

Again the cash management tool provided the insights for them on daily basis to know exactly where they were at, giving them clear direction as to what they could or could not do or afford at any given time, and to help them track if their new strategies were progressing them towards greater results or not.

I have seen many businesses that had the best ideas and products, and that would have been profitable if only they would have had enough cash to live through the initial tough times. But without the insights that the cash management tool provides, you as the entrepreneur live much more on the basis of hope, until soon enough you are forced to close up shop because you ran out of cash.

Personally, I have consulted many businesses that were on the brink of bankruptcy and that had no cash when I came to their aid. At first glimpse it would seem impossible how you would be able to save their businesses let alone you being able to get paid by them. But with the cash management tool, a clearer picture soon was revealed of how the cash would be sufficient and how the changes you would be making with the business owners and their teams would be making way for even more cash to come. How much, how soon, how long and so forth.

Cash is king. We all heard that. But without good insights on your cash situation and a great way of managing your cash, you are still at peril for making some very costly mistakes.

Our new program, The Automated Millionaire Cash Flow Program, shows you how to become a master at managing your cash and provides the incredible tool for giving you all the insights you need to make the best decisions for your business on a daily business. It will put you in the driver’s seat at all times, and it will help you be able to run your business so much better. No further would you have to run your business strictly by the seat of your pants, but actually run it from a very highly informed position.

The Automated Millionaire Cash Flow program consists of training videos that you can watch as many times as you like and also the incredible tool that you and your bookkeeper will use to stay on top of your cash. Once implemented updating the tool is about 5 minutes a week for your bookkeeper to do. It will help your bookkeeper point out challenges ahead to you the leader of the business, and it will help you as the entrepreneur to make better decisions on what route you should take the business.

The basis behind the program has already helped hundreds and hundreds of businesses. Now let it help yours too.

Start making better decisions by being better informed using better tools to aid you. Get the Cash Flow program today.

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