The Automated Millionaire Must Be Some Kind Of Crazy

When troubles abound and your business is in dire straights you must seek a Turn-Around. Failing that and sooner rather than later the business will be no more, and you will be standing left with nothing, possibly even debts and more headaches, if you vouched for responsibilities and liabilities personally.

You have to come to a realization that you’ll need help and now you’ll need to seek it out. Sometimes, as it would happen, such potential help seeks you out, but if the it isn’t knocking on your door, you need to up and call out for that help.

Bottom line is you have to submit to a teacher.

What help? What teacher?

Well, you probably want to engage help from someone who knows what he/she is doing. Help from someone who has done this kind of Turn-Around successfully before. Someone who has possibly even done this multiple times before.

You need the kind of teacher who has the answers you are looking for.

How do you know your potential teacher has the answers you’re looking for?

Here’s how you’ll know:

When he/she tells you the first part of the answers, the first thought that will come to your mind is going to be:

“He (/she) must be some other kind of crazy!!”

“…that doesn’t make any sense…”

You see, good coaching, is almost always counter-intuitive to you where you’re right now. Think about it. If what the coach told you to do, made sense to you right now, you’d already be doing it.

If you already knew about doing what the coach tells you to do, you’d already be doing it and you wouldn’t need a coach. No, the reason you need a coach is because the coach can see where you’re headed, because the coach has already been down that road before, and the coach can see: “That ain’t where you want to be headed dear client.”

You will want to be operating from where the coach knows, not from where you know. Where you are blind, the coach can see. You’ll have to trust what the coach sees, not what you see!

In my previous story, I told the story of the widow, who was left with debt and was about to lose her two sons to slavery as a payment towards that debt. She went to ask for guidance and help of Elisha.

Her huge problem was debt.

But if you recall, here’s what Elisha said: “Go Borrow!!”

That’s right. The widow’s huge challenge was debt, and now she was told to go and get more debt. Elisha told her to go out and borrow. And borrow not just a little.

Things Rarely Seem As They Are, And They Are Almost Never As They Seem.

The widow’s problem was debt.

Elisha basically told the widow: “Your problem is debt. So we’re going to take on some more debt. Not just a little, but we’re going to go way down deeper into debt. And we are going to solve your problem with debt.”

Sounds completely crazy, doesn’t it? Crazy!

But a great teacher can use your problem to solve your problem. What you would have thought was going to be a solution to your problem, well if it had been a solution, it would already have worked.

Your situation here thus is, that you know you have some serious challenges in your business. You know you cannot solve these on your own, cause if you could, you would already have done so. So you found a teacher and you have now submitted to this teacher, even when everything inside of you screams: “No! No! No! No!”

Your teacher just told you to go and do something, and what you were told to do, just didn’t make any sense to you. “Why am I doing this?,” you will be asking yourself, continuing: “This just doesn’t make any sense to me…”

But the great teacher is going to help you see your treasure.

The two brothers of the Rubber Mold, Machining and Fabrication company were in such a situation as the widow.

They had amassed a lot of debt, had run out of cash and their business was performing very poorly.

They had a teacher before them, but although they already had huge and nerve wrecking debts that already stressed them out, the teacher told them to go and borrow more and go deeper into debt. Borrow more and even at a huge interest rate, because that was the one kind that was available to them.

But this was the only way, the could acquire debt.

They began working on the business and the teacher began to help reveal to them the treasure they had in the business.

Things Rarely Seem As They Are, And They Are Almost Never As They Seem.

Thanks to Dr. Myron Golden for introducing me to the story of the widow, her oil and Elisha. Thanks to Dr. Myron Golden for introducing me to his 8 Keys to Wealth Mastery.

Over the course of this series of posts, I will share with you my insights, including many secrets of the Top Business Turn-Around Agents and how they do it. I hope, you’ll follow along as I extend my personal invitation to do so.

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(This story is a continuance and part of a series describing real life like existence of a top business turn-around agent. To be continued soon…)

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