Welcome to the fourth edition of “The Automated Millionaire” newsletter.

In this issue, I want to clarify a fundamental aspect of our journey together. You, as my readers, are already masters of your craft. Your expertise in your respective fields, trades, and industries is not in question. You’ve honed your skills, understood your trade, and demonstrated your prowess.

However, our focus here goes beyond just expertise in a trade. It’s about the ‘business of business’ – an often overlooked but critical aspect of success.

For some of you, as I explained in the last edition, a topic may be very trivial and already something you master well, but based on my experience with a vast majority of clients these are not common practices.

So if you come across an edition of this newsletter that seems it just contains obvious directions and guidance, then bear with me, for that may not be the case for another group of readers. Just be happy that you then are already on the right path, and rest assured that you will probably find some real gold nuggets later on in a future edition. Remember also, we are in the very initial start of the newsletter so we have to establish the foundation first and ensure that everybody has a chance to get on the same page.

I come from with a very vast and varied background in business, but even I find that I learn new lessons almost every day (and I am thankful for this). Many of the lessons that I picked up especially on the road as a business consultant and as a business turn-around agent, I wish I had known of when I ran my first enterprises (either my own or those I ran as a hired hand). Many of these lessons are very simple indeed, yet you don’t know what you don’t know.

When you allow me to show you what I have learned along the way, I am positive that you will gain an insight or two as well.


Our aim is to delve into the nuances of business operations, strategies, and growth tactics. We’re here to explore how to:


  1. Understand Business Dynamics: Business is more than just a transaction; it’s an ecosystem. We’ll look at market trends, consumer behaviors, and evolving economic landscapes. This insight is crucial for staying ahead in a competitive market.


  1. Financial Acumen: Understanding your business finances goes beyond just keeping the books in check. It’s about strategic financial planning, investment decisions, and maximizing profit margins.


  1. Operational Efficiency: We’ll explore how to streamline operations, leverage technology, and optimize resources to increase productivity and reduce costs.


  1. Marketing and Branding: In today’s world, how you present your business can make a significant difference. We will cover innovative marketing strategies and branding insights to help your business stand out.


  1. Leadership and Management: The heart of a business is its people. Effective leadership and management skills are pivotal in guiding teams towards success and fostering a positive workplace culture.


  1. Networking and Relationships: Building a robust network and nurturing relationships can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.


My goal is to provide you with insights and strategies that will help you leverage your existing expertise and convert it into greater business success. Let’s embark on this journey to understand the business of business and, ultimately, make your business more profitable.

Along the way, I encourage you to post your comments and chime in with your thoughts and experience as well. Also, I welcome your questions which I will aim to respond to as best I can.


Again, I am thrilled with the initial response and support we have seen here thus far. The “opt-in” rate for this newsletter is close to 33% which is miles ahead of anything I expected. I am over the top pleased with this and so grateful for you all, and promise I will endeavor to make it worth your while.

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