How on Earth can a Top Business Turn-Around Agent so consistently turn a near bankruptcy business around in relatively short time, without having much prior knowledge or experience in the specific industry if indeed any?

How can such a Top Business Turn-Around Agent begin to add value to a client in desperate need, when the only few bits of information the Agent has before entering the client’s premises are nothing more than just an address, a name for the business and the client’s name, a scheduled time to meet, and perhaps one or two years of Profit & Loss Statements and associated Balance Sheet?

In my first story of this series on how you too can turn around your struggling business, or make your already successful business even more successful, I described the scenario of being sent out with just minutes of notice to a company that severely needs help.

All you are being furnished with of information is a couple of documents such as a few years of Profit & Loss Statements and associated Balance Sheets. Not much else really.

The business is of an industry of which you have no prior knowledge or experience with.

You will be charging the client $500 an hour and the client has no cash at all, plus you will ensure you’ll collect your payment in full on a weekly basis, no discussion, a weekly charge that may well amount to some $28,000.

And to top it off, you are promising the client that for every dollar spent with the client, you will be giving back at least two dollars.

How do you do it?

And how can you do this consistently and successfully?

Well, the purpose of this series of posts is not really so much for me to describe how I do, but more importantly, help you learn, how you can do it for your business.

That’s right. My aim is for me to help you with the insights and experience that I have, teach you, how you can turn around your own business if it’s struggling or make your business even more successful if you are already running a pretty successful business.

You see, when I have carried out the business consulting in person with companies, I would ensure that I would demonstrate the way to greater prosperity and success with your business to its owner and its team. That way, when eventually I left said client, he/she would have the ability and know how to continue the success path on his/her own with the team in the business made up of their employees.

If I know how to do this well and have a lot of knowledge in this area, it is very much because I stand on the shoulders of giants. I have been fortunate to work with brilliant minds who shared their insights and experiences of what worked and what didn’t work.

I have worked with such brilliant minds in person, learned from them and absorbed lots of valuable insights from them. I have been instructed by them and I have taught them insights and experiences from my journey. I have read thousands of books and I have spent many, many hours at seminars. Additionally, I bring all my own personal experience from having run my own businesses or run businesses for others as a CEO.

Yes, I have been in trenches myself, and I have probably tasted every bit of whatever you’re tasting right now with your business. Good or bad.

Working with clients from all over the US and Canada and from a few European countries too, and having additional experience from running businesses in more than 7 countries, I have gathered insights that gives me a superior advantage over most business owners and I would venture to say over most business consultants too.

But here’s the cool thing:

Most of these insights can be taught to you, with the specific framework and methodology that I use, so that you too can make the improvements in your business.

Over the course of this as well as the future posts in this series, I will share the methodology and how to approach things for implementation and achieving success for yourself with your business.

This is the system and method I’m using every time I’m called upon to help a business personally. It seems to work and creates success pretty much every time, and has done so with many hundreds of thousands of businesses that have been introduced to it by my esteemed colleagues and myself.

Cool thing is, it means you won’t have to yourself, go to many tens of seminars I went to, or read all the thousands of books I have read (although I will always recommend you pick up the habit of reading, if you aren’t already), and nor would you necessarily have to hire a business consultant to come and help you (although doing so may no be a bad idea and could possibly fast track you even more).

No, simply stick with me and you can learn from this online platform and my other publications and offerings.

Before continuing to reveal more of my proven insights and secrets, you may be wondering why I do this, so allow me to address this:

For several years, I traveled extensively throughout the US and Canada helping companies and the business owners and their teams turning struggling businesses around and making great businesses even greater.

The experience has been amazing and I have learned so much about so many things, not least of course business, but what always bothered me quite a bit, was the fact that I could really help only one business at a time.

In this day and age with all the challenges that businesses are facing and knowing there are so many that would benefit from the system and methods I use and that many colleagues of mine use, I’ve been distraught that I could only help one business at the time.

That’s why, I have decided to take this acquired knowledge and experience and share it with you via one of the most prolific platforms till date in human history: The Internet.

Via these stories, online videos and training, and for those of you who wish to take it further to gain even keener insights, precise how to and implementable training and possibly fast tracks, online courses and coaching, I can reach so many more people. With the help of the internet I can help so many more businesses and positively affect so many lives and livelihoods, than I could ever hope to do with one-on-one business consulting.

To show you a bit of what I consider my extremely high standards of integrity, I will admit I have my own personal gains from this too.

One such gain is that I won’t have to live my life continuously in boring hotels out of a suitcase all the time. Working too many hours every day, and eating often less than great food, with terrible time schedules, constant flight delays, sometimes battling the elements of poor weather, and not least sacrificing time that won’t ever come back. Time I could have spent with either helping many more simultaneously or if not working, time I could enjoy with my young children.

Being on the road is cool to a degree, but it comes at a high cost too. Many costs besides helping just one at a time only, when my desire would be to help so many more people.

Carrying out my business on a one-on-one basis also comes at a very high cost to me. Time is a limited resource. We all only have so much time. At the end of our lives we won’t get any more time, so we need to use our time wisely.

Money is abundant and unlimited. There’s plenty of money everywhere. It may not be in your pocket or mine right now to the degree we would like, but it assuredly is out there and we all have a potential of getting more of it.

As mentioned in previous stories in this series, I’ve been up several times, but I’ve also been down really, really far way down. Down to the point, where I was scraping through cents scrambling through my car, looking under the seats to see if I could find a few more coins, so I could buy diapers for my children. Painful indeed. But as you understand, I was able to make money again. I just needed to reconnect the dots that I had momentarily lost.

Allow me also to reveal that naturally serving many as opposed to only one person at a time, will allow me in the process to make much more money too, and I’m not going to lie to you, I want my business to be and remain a thriving business also and my business, just like yours, need to be scalable.

Most people have the belief that Time is Money. But that’s really a huge falsehood. Time is vastly greater than Money.

With the wrong mindset, most people end up trading a lot of time for a little bit of money. They’re trading a limited resource for an unlimited resource. That just isn’t good business, but that’s what most people do with their jobs.

There is only so much I can charge any one single client for helping out and helping with the client’s business. But helping many, many people with their businesses, not only can I charge each and every one much, much less, bring the same value, and possibly even more, cause now they can revisit lessons many times over at their leisure to gain even more out of each segment, but I can in the end make much more money out of the same required time.

That’s a win for everybody.

You’ll gain the insights to how you can make your dreams come true, with a system that’s proven with hundreds of thousands of businesses, is learnable and implementable, and not least repeatable.

You’ll gain this insight at much less time spent than what it has taken me to acquire the insights and collect everything necessary for providing you with the knowledge.

And you’ll be able to get it a extremely much less than it has cost me to acquire the same and hugely much less than it would cost you if you were to hire a top business consultant for your business.

In the process I enable my business of providing this value with the ability to scale and make so much more too. I, on my end, will make my money and I won’t kill myself with a hard solitude life on the roads constantly with all the negatives that it entails.

You livelihood, that of your family and your employees and their families will see improvements.

The economy in general improves as you make better, and everybody probably spends a little more with other vendors, and so on.

That mean the nation gains and we all gain.

This is what business is all about, and how you should always think of business and think of how you construct your business. How can you bring more value to the market place at a fair or even more than fair price?

Zig Ziglar said this the best. He said:

“You Can Have Everything You Want, If You Help Enough People Get What They Want”.

Now this series of posts are freely available here, so you may be wondering how will I make any money from this?

That’s a great question, and the answer simply is this: Some of you reading this or coming across any other of my publications, whether it be books, or videos or something else, will want to go deeper or have more guiding hand along their journey to make successes in their business and life. For a few of those who wish to do so I do have special offers that can provide that.

My offers are available on an application basis, for I wish to be able to be superbly present with those that commit to such higher levels and frankly wish only to work with those that I believe show the best fit. A poor fit and it will detract from others benefits.

I wish to ensure each and every single one of my clients become super successful with my material, and let’s face it not everybody will be successful regardless of how great my stuff is that I offer.

Why not?, you ask.

Cause not everyone will actually do the work necessary to ensure the business can turn around and become successful, or the work that makes the successful business even more successful.

OK, There are some extremely valuable lessons for you in above. Some of the lessons some of you undoubtedly have heard before, but repetition of them may still be valuable.

I’ll let you pick out the lessons that you find most valuable, but meanwhile I’ll go back to the promise indicated by the title of this story: First Secret Of A Top Business Turn-Around Agent

I don’t want to promise and not deliver on it. I’d like to keep my promises. It’s part of what makes up the fabric of your integrity, and I pride myself of having a super high integrity.

Remember your situation?

You have been sent out overnight, furnished with little to no information about your client. you have no prior experience or knowledge of the industry the client’s business operates in. The client’s business is suffering badly, which means the client and more than likely his family and possibly many of the employees and their families are suffering too.

The client has no cash and you’ll be charging $500 an hour, plus all your expenses for flights, hotel, car rental, and per diem. You’ll be charging the client upwards $28,000 or so typically on a weekly basis and you will collect every week, no discussion.

And you’ll at least double the return on investment with you for the client.

How do you do it?

How can a top business turn-around agent make the seemingly impossible possible?

The answer is, what’s also the answer to the question of “what is the first secret of a top business turn-around agent?”, and that answer is:

They Have A System.

They have a system or a method. Without a system that has proven to have such high success rate throughout so many cases, spanning so many different types of businesses and so many industries, the business consultant or the turn-around agent would soon be flailing in the dark.

You cannot be successful as a business consultant or turn-around agent without a solid system or method. Without it, you are basically trying to wing it or hoping that you’d be lucky and strike gold. Or, of course, you don’t really care about client’s success and just wish to take their money for as long as you possibly can till they’ll discover you aren’t really helping their business and choose to get rid of you.

But no, the top business consultants and turn-around agents have a system and method that helps reveal to them where issues are, what the origins of the issues are and oftentimes helps to reveal what the possible solutions may be.

The best of systems and methods help them also prioritize helping know what to do first, and help reveal where the biggest bang for the buck may be, so they can reach result – and in most cases such as these, where the most cash can be found or generated for the client, and done so fastest.

What’s really cool is that a system and method can be taught. It’s a major part of the reason that the consulting companies I have worked with are so successful. You cannot really make a huge and successful company without creating enough value for your customers or clients consistently.

In the ideal situation, once the business consultant leaves a client, the client and his/her team should now be able to carry forth the work and continue on the sound path of prosperity that the consultant should have left them on.

Yes, I would agree, that it is wise and advisable you’ll have your consultant come in again with some regularity to help you with any adjustments or corrections or such, and such follow ups would usually entail much less of an investment that the initial round when all the groundwork would have to be put in. But the value of follow up visits should not be underestimated.

For the online offerings, that’s where continuous access to private group of like-minded people and coaching calls come in. Again with online training and coaching calls etc. your access price becomes just a fraction of what it would be for you to hire the onsite and in-person one-on-one consulting.

Do I still offer onsite, in-person one-on-one consulting? Naturally so, but you probably don’t really want to hear the price I charge for that.

My online training and coaching offers and how we can work together if you’re the right fit is much less of an investment, yet you’ll gain access to the system and method I would follow if I were in your business in person. The price for that is, as I said, a fraction of what the alternative is.

It’s a sizeable amount of money, let’s be clear on that, but for sure far less than what I have in previous post mentioned. If you haven’t read previous posts, I naturally encourage you to do so, but for sake of clarification here, allow me to repeat that a very typically business consulting engagement for a small to medium sized business would amount to of perhaps $280,000 or perhaps even more.

The value of it?

Potentially priceless, if you implement it well and your business turns around or become so much more successful, not just for the first year, but for all subsequent years.

For many of the clients I helped and those my colleagues helped, it meant the difference between folding up the business typically with a bankruptcy and success.

The successful business consultant and turn-around agent HAVE A SYSTEM.

Now it’s your turn. You are the person sent out to fix this business in trouble or this business that would like to see even great results. You see,

You Are Now The Turn Around Agent For YOUR Business!

Over the course of this series of posts, I will share with you my insights, including many secrets of the Top Business Turn-Around Agents and how they do it. I hope, you’ll follow along as I extend my personal invitation to do so.

If you wish to learn more about me and what I do, you can find more information on my website

If you wish to learn most of the content from this series of posts on how you too can turn your struggling business around or make your successful business even more successful, then visit

That’s right, there’s a free training that reveals the system I use.

At time of posting this story the training isn’t yet available, but if you sign up for it I will let you know as soon as it is. I expect it to be available within a few days. So sign up now. It will show you the system in its entirety and as I have said, it has helped me personally change the lives of more than 50 businesses and many more thousands that were helped by colleagues of mine who used much of the foundation of this system.

(This story is a continuance and part of a series describing real life like existence of a top business turn-around agent. To be continued soon…)

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