The first ideas on The Automated Millionaire program began in early 2011, but it took quite some time before the ultimate form of where the program would go really began to take shape.

To be honest the name for the program wasn’t even my idea, but was the brain child of a group of some very great individuals who are experts in putting together programs and marketing them. The term got coined after they heard my story of how I successfully was able to buy a limousine service company and increase its profit line in the first 14 months by 32 times, continue with a very strong growth, own and operate it for 14 years, yet actually only set physical foot in the company’s facilities maybe upwards of 60 days collectively for the 14 years.

In other words, I was able to buy a company and build it up dramatically without actually having me be part of its operation and daily chores, achieve very successful results, but be able to choose a lifestyle that was predominantly filled with other things not pertaining to the company.

I used to call it: Running the company on Remote Control.

Now granted it was not that I didn’t work and it was not that I didn’t have to put in some serious efforts into the company, but yet when I was discussing my background experience with running this company with others, it blew people away that I was able to obtain the results I did, while not having to be there in person.

Eventually, it dawned upon me that that was indeed what possibly brought the most uniqueness to my story compared to that of so many other people’s.

To be fair, it wasn’t my entire intention when I set out to run the company, that I would end up with the setup of the remote control management of the company. But when I bought the company I was actually employed as the CEO of another large company – the fourth largest car rental company in Denmark. So while the Board of Directors and my bosses for the car rental company allowed me to buy the limousine service company and run it next to my job, it was implicit that it was not to interfere with my job or rob me of my attention, time and work for the car rental company. In other words, I would have to do my personal work on the limousine service company after my employed work hours – basically thus, in the evenings, through weekends and holidays.

This also meant that I would have to hire others to take care of the daily operations, the bookings and the handling of routine chores and tasks of  a limousine service company in busy operation.

Over the years of doing so and starting very early in the game of this, I learned a lot of things and gained a lot of insights. It is all these insights that have made it even more possible for me to subsequently create even more results with other entities and other companies. It is partly because of these insights that I also was able to rebound from losing everything and then some during the world economy financial upset in 2008 and make a come back in just a little over 2 years. That’s right, from being at the peak of my game and at the peak of my financial achievements in the summer of 2008, my overly aggressive and risk willing investments took me for a complete nose dive, result in having way more debt than my entire belongings was worth. And all this in just 6 months. Well actually the losses really was just over 3 weeks!!

Ultimately, it’s not that my successes have been so stellar as to outperform many of the names that we can read about in the papers, magazines and tabloids. It is possibly not that my insights are so incredibly unique from what others who have done the same or have accomplished great feats. But the difference is that I will be sharing as many of my insights and what I have learned over the years with you.

What’s even more noteworthy is that I will try to show you too, in that I will be building new ventures in the years to come and I will bring you along for the journey real time.

Yes, that’s right. I have not yet commenced these ventures, so if you happen to find this website early on (i.e. from it’s publication start) then you will have a great chance of following alongside with what and how I set about doing this thing and how I will go forth in my quest for attaining great results.

I don’t expect that it will be a walk in the park. I don’t expect that I will not be met with set backs and disappointed results from time to time. But I actually do trust that I will achieve great results and I actually believe that I will achieve some of these results fairly rapidly.

But there’s even more to this story. I will be venturing into several different opportunities simultaneously. This is something that is not necessarily recommended (in fact I wouldn’t recommend this for anybody), as your focus and attention will necessarily also get robbed a bit. And we all also only have 24 hours  in a day, so it will definitely also be challenging for me to manage this part in itself.

So to follow along, make sure that you first sign up for the updates. I will not spam you and I truly aim to bring you only valuable insights and lessons that I have learned or that I will learn in the process. I would love to have you on board and I would love to have your engagement and comments along the way. Indeed your comments and engagements will aid me become better at giving you great value for your time and commitment when you visit these pages. So please don’t hold back and please do engage in the conversation and bring forth your ideas and thoughts. Also do connect with me on the various social media platforms and I would of course love if you would suggest your friends to jump on board too.

Let’s make this an interesting and valuable journey.

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