The Automated Millionaire Program For Start Ups

There is a huge need for better business acumen for the new entrepreneurs who wish to start up a business. The challenge is though that by default they have no revenues yet and therefore they typically cannot really afford to acquire the help that would ensure they stay on the right track, avoid all the rookie and costly mistakes and learn what to focus on now and what not to focus on until later.

I believe the Entrepreneurs in the world are some of the most important people in the world for they venture out, take the risks in order to build something. In the process they create jobs, which creates livelihood, not just for themselves, but as they grow their businesses for others and their families too. Entrepreneurs make the wheels turn and help create economics into the world.

In life I have been very blessed several times over. Blessed with successes and failures. Blessed with making lost of money and having lots of money. Blessed with the loss of it all, landing with huge debt burdens and negative net worth, to the need of having to find my grounds again and rebuilding, becoming debt less just over two years later and continuing the onward success and growth from there.

My experiences have been vast and very deep, and the extra blessings I have accrued from it all are the lessons I have received. Received through being in the deep trenches of businesses. Trenches including work by:


  • being an employee working my way up from the lowest position of the company to the highest position of same,


  • by starting up new businesses from scratch, some of which lived and some failed and the darlings had to be killed off,


  • by buying up existing business and growing it, to selling later on,


  • by being with private companies as well as publicly traded companies


  • by being involved in businesses in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland, and United States


  • by personally and onsite consulting over 50 businesses throughout all of the United States and Canada


  • by involvement on all levels of businesses spanning all kinds of imaginable industries


As I created The Automated Millionaire Platform and Programs, I realized also that most start up entrepreneurs are left back, because there isn’t a good offer available to them they can afford. I wanted to change that, so I decided that I would package up some of the most critical insights and lessons that would dress them for higher potential of successful outcomes of their new venture, but deliver it in a form and at a price that would make sense and be affordable for them. That is why I have created The Automated Millionaire Program For Start Ups.

Compared to my normal rates, this program is offered at huge discount, which is my way of giving back for the blessings I have had in my Entrepreneurial life.

This is an online program through which the insights, perspective and lessons and all associated materials are delivered via online platform. To add further support there is an offering of one-on-one consulting, coaching and mentoring package via phone sessions to discuss individuals specific challenges on the road of building their successful business.

To get started and to discuss your specific package, please fill out the form below. I am offering to buy you the entire first session for you, during which we can strategize on the perfect plan for you matching up with an investment that you can afford and that make sense. Again first session is thus free, so you have nothing to lose. You will find incredible value from the get go during the first session alone.

Please fill out the form and we will schedule a call as soon as possible. Success loves speed, so let’s keep the momentum.

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