“The Experts Industry Association is no more. It was only up and running for a couple of years I believe. We were one of the founding members and although it is no more, I find that the credo they posed for all members to follow was so sound and full of integrity, that I wish to publish it here, and by so doing reaffirm these are values I believed in then and that I still believe in.

These are values by which we will conduct our business here at The Automated Millionaire,”

– Mikkel Pitzner
Founder and Creator of The Automated Millionaire


EIA Code of Ethics Guidelines

Section I: Transparency and Compliance

I will be transparent and truthful about my experience, expertise, results, credentials, and abilities with my customers, followers, peers, media, and the greater public.

I will make clear descriptions of any product or service I am offering for sale, including pricepoints and any recurring billing, so that my customers always know what they are signing up for, purchasing, and receiving.

I will comply with the marketing guidelines of the CAN-SPAM Act in my electronic communications, including ensuring that recipients of my broadcast emails have opted-in to receive communications from me and that they have the option to unsubscribe or change their contact information at the bottom of all my emails.

I will comply with the marketing guidelines of the United States Federal Trade Commission, including refraining from making false claims, income or results guarantees, or misleading testimonials, income claims, or financial statements; I will only make claims which I can substantiate and I will also clearly post and articulate earning disclaimers on any webpage or correspondence that references income opportunities.

I will disclose to my audience that I am an affiliate of a third party should I anticipate receiving an affiliate commission or referral compensation for recommending their products or services to my audience.

I will not offer professional legal, financial, or medical advice unless I am qualified to do so, which in many cases require professional degrees or certifications by law, and when necessary I will refer my customers or followers to an appropriate certified advisors.

I will not promote any products, marketing campaigns, or services that (a) directly sends marketing to children under the age of thirteen (13), (b) discriminates against others, (c) perpetuates hate or misinformation, (d) features paid actors pretending to be a fictional customer or client, (e) utilizes false scarcity techniques (for example, that claim a limited number of products exist when it is not true, or that a promotion expires at a certain time when it does not).

I will have an online website that is open to the public that features my biographical information and company contact address and phone number, so that my customers may learn about who I am and can contact my organization with inquiries.

If I am an affiliate promoting other people’s products via email, I will disclose within the email that I am an affiliate receiving or anticipating an affiliate commission or referral compensation for recommending the promoted products or services. I understand it’s standard practice to include the disclosure at the bottom of my emails along with an option to unsubscribe. I also understand the language for doing so should be clear but is my choice in wording.

I will not falsely mislead my audience or website visitors into believing that my designation as an “Official Member” of the EIA is in any way whatsoever an implied or explicit endorsement, recommendation, or verification of my business history or current business practices by the Association. I understand that I must pay an annual membership fee to become an EIA “Official Member”, but that the Association in no way warrants, validates, monitors, recommends, or promotes my work or business practices. [As an Association, EIA can only validate that you are a current Member; we can not and do not monitor all our Member’s total business activities and thus can not and do not endorse, verify, recommend, or legally represent any Member’s brand, products, or organizations. EIA is an education focused, community building, and standard setting organization, not a service for authenticating or recommending business practices.]

Section II: Customer Service Excellence

I will seek to overdeliver on my promises to my customers.

I will endeavor to understand my client and audience needs, problems, and ambitions in hopes of serving them with information that can help them achieve their goals.

I will provide a minimum of a 30-day money back guarantee on all of my products and programs, and I will not make my customers jump through hoops or endure hardships or humiliation in order to receive refunds.

I will provide customer support for all of my products and programs.

I will respect the privacy and confidential information of my clients and customers.

I will not participate in any forum or agreement that engages in illegal activity, marketplace collusion, or discrimination on the basis of age, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, or any other factor.

I will honor my customer’s financial situations and not seek to persuade them into spending money they do not have or that could lead to their financial ruin.

I will post contact information on all of my sales pages and in all of the receipts/confirmations that my customers receive so that they can always find a way to easily contact my office.

I will provide a phone number on all my sales materials and sales pages online that customers can call with questions about my products and programs. I will ensure the phone number is a “real” phone number that reaches a real person or their voicemail, and that my organization will attempt to return any calls received by customers within 2-3 business days.

I will provide a carbon copy receipt to my customer of any order form that they fill out at any of my live events. I will ensure my order forms also have my contact information and appropriate disclaimers and return and refund policies.

Section III: Community Collaboration

I will honor and engage my peers in the industry with respect and professionalism.

I will cite sources and give credit to others when I quote them in any format, and I will not misrepresent others’ works as my own.

I will not train from, distribute, or publish others’ works or content without permission from the author or originator of such work.

I will not misuse the name or likeness of others in the industry to create false associations of credibility.

I will pursue my profession, build my brand, and seek continuing education at the highest levels of excellence and refrain from practices that will discredit the community and industry.

I will not use the Experts Industry Association seal in any of my websites, materials, or communications until I have paid my annual membership fee and been given permission to do so.

I will seek to leave a legacy of strong customer service, and focus my career on offering distinct and valuable information that helps others improve their lives.

I will not publicly speak disparagingly of the industry in a way that seeks to differentiate myself by speaking ill of others in the industry. (For example, “All the other marketers in this industry are liars, but I’ll tell you the truth.”). I understand that this hurts the industry’s reputation at large, and that Members should seek to improve the reputation of the industry by how we speak about it and work within it.

I agree to resolve any dispute with another EIA Official Member or individual in the experts industry with professionalism.

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