Special Referral Incentives

You will probably have heard me state that I wish to help as many people as possible. I have learned so much for myself from being in the trenches with my own businesses over time, where sometimes I had to learn the really hard way, through struggles and some successes, through ups and downs, and through good times and bad.

I have learned excessive amounts of valuable lessons and gained key insights additionally from working with such a multitude and variety of businesses spanning pretty much all imaginable industries.

Having been an entrepreneur all my adult life myself, I know all the pains you sometimes go through, I would have wished that I would have had someone there by my side to help guide me through it and help me make sound decisions, and certainly “get me there faster” onwards to greater results, successes and yes, income.

While working one on one in the field with clients is exhilarating and rewarding, I really can only help one business at a time. By bringing my insights, lessons, tools and coaching to the world via the means of modern technology and internet, I can instead help many, many more people. Hundreds, thousands, perhaps even more.

My ambition is to grow this substantially to help more people, and yes, to grow this business for me. In order to do so, I am willing to incentivize you all to help spread the word about how much this program has done for you, and willing to pay you for any referrals that come onboard via your referral.

The referral fee will be a percentage commission based on the price paid and collected from each individual that you successfully refer to the program. The commission commences at 2.5% for one person successfully referred and gradually increases up to 5% for 6 individuals or more successfully referred.


Bottom line is:


I will give you up to



for any and every client that is brought on board because of your referral (based on 6 or more individuals successfully referred). Price, Commissions, and commissions structure subject to change.
Check for updates.

(Conditions apply such as client must pay in full and the referral must be validated as a referral from you ahead of the purchase taking place.
Commission amount is based on final and actual dollars collected for the new additional client that is referred.
Special offers and discounts may apply and will affect commission paid)


Below you can see the commissions and commission structure for further clarification. The illustration below is based on the example of the program offered at the price of $65,000 (this may fluctuate or vary). The highlighted in green numbers represent the commission you would each in total depending on how many individuals you successfully refer to the program. Remember, the actual dollar amount may fluctuate depending on the actual amount of dollars sold and collected (price offers for any of the programs or coaching packages may fluctuate, and discounts may at times apply. The amount paid out in referral commissions is determined by the commissions percentage, the dollars actually collected and the number of individuals successfully referred. The prices for any of the programs and coaching packages offered by The Automated Millionaire or Mikkel Pitzner are subject to change without further notice. If you need further clarification on anything offered, please reach out to support@theautomatedmillionaire.com

Lat updated: December 2022

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