I’m building a brand new business for me and you can get to follow along and learn about the decision making and the steps I take along the way.

You’ll get to know the ups and downs as I move ahead and you will be able to see the successes and the set backs as they occur.

My intention with sharing this with you is to be a source of inspiration for you and to show you that you too can build a successful business and establish a sound income – whether this be an extra income on top of what you may be earning from a paid job or whether you are looking for establishing your own business and independence from a job and from having a boss.

Yesterday, I announced that I had just push the button for a go ahead on a new business venture for me.

As you may learn over time, I engage in many different things and love doing so. I’m not recommending that you engage in too many things at the same time as it can be difficult to get any head way if you are spreading yourself too thinly.

But what I would recommend everybody is considering establishing a business for themselves outside any paid job you may have.

A lot of people think security when having a job, but that’s a false illusion. A job is not to be considered secure. When ever the world experiences a financial upset, such as we have just gone through starting in 2007 and especially in 2008 and are probably all still feeling some effects from, then companies often have to tighten their belts and cut costs wherever they can. And jobs are often one of the biggest posts a company has, so it’s only natural that a great deal of focus is on seeing if positions can be cut – thus putting your job at risk too.

Don’t get me wrong. A job can be great and it can pay for your living expenses etc. and in some cases you may even be able to obtain a really well paid job too. However, statistically not too many will land the high paying jobs and statistically your job may be a risk anytime. In addition, I don’t believe the world is getting any more secure or safe from these financial disrupts that we see from time to time, so what better than to seek to establish yourself an income stream that is independent on others mistakes or other factors that you may not be able to exert an influence on?

In other words, my recommendation to anybody would be to seek out an income stream next to the paid job you may have. If eventually you build up this extra income stream to be so big that you can give up your paid job, then great. You might just then want to quit the paid job and go full time in on working on your other income stream and grow this even further.

Even if you don’t possess high income ambitions, then I’m still pretty sure that you would be able to appreciate expanding your income just a little. It just buys a little bit of extra sense of ease. Paying your necessities, bills, mortgage, your children’s school, insurances, food, commute etc. just becomes easier and less stressful. The extra money might just get your a little bit of extra sense of security.

And if you do really well, well, then the extra bit of money can just add a lot of extra fun or add great experiences to your life such as exotic travels or even do a lot of good in charitable work.

Another way to look at things is also to establish an extra income stream in order to establish multiple streams of income. Multiple streams of income not only can enable you to build up some wealth in a quicker way than many other avenues, but also should one income stream all of a sudden dry up, then you have others to fall back on and you can then get by well enough while you scout for a replacement stream of income to make up for the one that just dried up.

OK, so hopefully you agree with me on this and possibly you have had the wish of having your own business for some time or at least having a really solid income – one better than your present job might ever pay you. But then you may be thinking; “But I don’t know how” or “it will take too much money to establish the business. Money that I don’t have” or finally, “I don’t have time next to my job and my family obligations”.

But there’s great news ahead. There are in fact opportunities that do not cost a fortune to get started and that do no require a lot of extra capacity or necessarily very specialized skills. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that everything and all the results will just come on their own. For you to obtain success, it will require some effort on your part and more than likely the harder you work at it, the more successful you will become too.

The great thing is, as you progress and as you achieve a little bit of success along the way, the more fun it often becomes too and you will gain more confidence and possibly enthusiasm, both of which will only help you in your further progress. Ultimately, you may reach a point where you enjoy doing it so much that you no longer consider it a chore or a job and that’s a wonderful place to be at.

Will the road be easy along the way. Probably not. Sometimes things pan out really well and it will seem easy. But reality is that usually you will have to instill in you a great attitude and build yourself up to keep pushing forward until you get that traction and the push on further still.

But that can be fun too and just remembering that you are building your business and that you are progressing yourself further towards successful outcomes and a lifestyle of your choice and dreams or towards securing your needs for you and your family will help you keep at it. Even when people around you shoot you down or shoot your idea and enterprise down.

That’s right, there are unfortunately a lot of naysayers surrounding all of us. A lot have turned naysayers because they some time prior tried something and didn’t succeed (they probably gave up way too soon) or quite simply cause they themselves are scared of changes. That’s right, most people are actually scared of changes. Often they don’t like when we change as a person, even when the change is for something better. Often people wish for better things, but in fact they are at the same time often clinging on to the things that serve them least well. Too illustrate just think of how many people stay in bad relationships, just because they honest fear what else would happen if they left the bad relationship and started a new life. We see that all they time all around us and something we might even be that same person ourselves clinging on to situations that are not good for us.

Well, I’m sure you get my point, so back to the topic of this post. Yes, I will show you what I’m doing in my quest with this new business and I hope it will serve as an inspiration to what you can do too. I hope that you will take some of this to heart and go out there and venture something for yourself and for your family. I hope that one day, you will be coming back and telling me, that you received an inkling of inspiration to do so and are not experiencing success and traction toward financial freedom and independence.

I wish you lots of success and I hope that you will share your experiences along the way.

To your great success.

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