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Our methods and system have helped over 300,000 businesses. We’re pretty sure they can help yours too.

We specialize in small and medium sized businesses from all kind of industries, and our success rate is about 97-98% at least doubling clients’ investment with us.

Take Your Business To A Whole Other Level Of Prosperity, Growth, Profits And Success


Dear Business Owner,

If you’re here chances are that you’re looking to make a better result out of your business.

Either you’re operating a business that is NOT doing so well and perhaps you’re even struggling making payroll and meeting your financial obligations on a timely manner.

Or perhaps you’re actually doing really well, but just wish to see some leaps in your performance improvements and take your business to a whole other level.

You know success leaves clues and you understand that there probably are better methods to achieve greater results than the routes you’re currently taking. However, you’re NOT looking for just another fancy theoretical approach, that sounds nice, but doesn’t do much for your true results.

Well, in business, and certainly what we focus on here at The Automated Millionaire, true results means CASH. So improved results really are measure in how much more cash are you making from having e.g.implemented a new system or a new method.


I’ve been where you are.

I’ve been and entrepreneur all my adult life. I’ve been and employee, partner and single business owner. I’ve operated a number of small and medium sized businesses and I believe I’ve probably experienced pretty much all the various challenges and problems that business owners on most levels go through.

So whatever stage you’re in in your business or whatever challenge you’re currently facing, I’ve probably been there many times over and have paid my dues.

My journey is vast and deep and with my consulting I’ve have reached a multitude of industries.

What I’ve found is that the industry isn’t so important. You’re probably already an amazing trade expert in the trade you’re in. Where I come in is helping with the business of business. In other words, you’re the expert in your trade, and I’m the expert in business, and I can help you achieve much greater financial results with your business, and I can help you fast!

In the past 5-6 years, I’ve focused on helping a multitude of businesses from all over and from all kinds of industries. With a success rate of some 97-98% as reported by clients and as proven by their Profit & Loss Statements, I can safely claim that I can help you too.

My personal experience into business is extremely deep and vast, but I owe a debt of gratitude to a large number of esteemed colleagues from the business consulting world for helping me see more systematic approaches to handling business and daily operations. 

“I wish I had known this in my early days of business, and my results would have been even more dramatic and easily attained”, Mikkel Pitzner


How Can We Help?

Upon enrolling in our programs, you’ll gain instant access to our online platform where you can find our training, videos, downloads and tools. We make every effort to provide you with the insights that we know have helped the most businesses, and we deliver them in a comprehensive and logic order.

Our focus is to first help you make more money fast, so that your initial investment with us is earned back extremely fast. From there we focus on getting you up to speed with the overview of what you need to be in charge of in order to have a truly phenomenal business that keeps on making you more and more money.

You’ll need to get a grip on your Cash Flow, so for that we have created the special Cash Flow Management Report (tool) and its training, so you can really be in the drivers seat and so you can make all your daily decisions based on an educated and well-informed basis, rather than based on gut feeling, guesses and wishful thinking.

From there we dive into the system that will make your results come about almost as if it’s on auto-pilot, with people knowing what to do and actually performing at high and continuously high levels. The system will even enable you to become an absentee business owner if that is your wish, either now or later on.

Here Are Some Of The Elements that We Ensure You’ll Have With Our Programs & Coaching


We have a unique system that has proven succcessful across all kind of industries and geographic locations. The success rate is some 97-98%, and by success we mean that clients have made at least $2 for every $1. Bottom line is: You’ll Make More Money!


We provide the essential tools that we use ourselves as business consultants and as business turn-around agents when we go out and help save troubled businesses. We give you what you need, and do not suggest a bunch of tools that won’t truly provide you a huge advantage in your daily business operations.

Foundation and Basic Mattters

It’s critically important that you’ll get some of the basic matters correct. With better understanding and setup everything else becomes easier, and you’ll have better framework for growing your business even further, knowing your have a stabile underlying foundation.

Business Acumen

During all our engagement in and with our programs, we seek to provide you with a better understanding of business. Personally, I’ve found that when I understand business better, things become so much more simple, easy and elegant, and not least, I make more money. I believe the same will be the experience for you.

Work With One Of The Leading Business Consultants and Business Turn-Around Agents In The World

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A. Evaluate

We commence by making an assessment about the fit between our system and your business. We wish to make sure we have a great fit as we do not wish to take anybody’s money if we aren’t sure they can make a great return from their investment.

1. Apply

Fill out an application telling us a bit about your business and your challenges. It’ll help us evaluatethe fit between our program and your needs for your business.
We don’t take money from people we cannot help and we only work with people we like.

3. The Call

Once on the phone our team member will ask more in-depth about your business, your current situation and your challenges. The call is also your chance to ask all the questions you may have, and finally, it is now the time to truly see if our solutions are a great fit for you.

2. Book A Call

Immediately after submitting your application, you will be asked to schedule a time for your call. Once booked you’ll gain access to more materials that will help you prepare for the program, answer perhaps more questions and so you are prepared for your call. 

4. Onboarding

If we decide to work together, you will pay our fee and be onboarded right away there on the spot. Your onboarder consultant will design a custom plan just for you so you can hit the ground running and you’ll gain access to your membership area that houses all our lessons and downloadable tools.

B. Implement

As soon as you have been on-boarded you’ll gain access to the membership area. Here you’ll have access to all the training modules, lesson and also the various downloadable tools..

We know from vast and extensive experience with so many businesses from all industries and all geographic locations that our system works. 

But let’s be clear, it only works when you work. It only works when you take the system and implement it in your business with your team and employees and then follow through with it going forward.

If you soon enough revert back to how you always did things, you’ll probably also just revert to the results you used to get, and you’ll forego the great results you could have gotten with our system.

1. Fast Education

Our lessons are matter of fact and to the point. Sometimes we do need to ensure that certain fundamental understandings are in place, but our focus is always to bring you real lessons that are implementable and in such a way that our focus for real results (meaning: Make more money with a decent level of speed) are at the forefront.

3. Coaching

Pretty much all our programs come with coaching. It’s our way of over-delivering on value and also because we wish to ensure that nobody is left behind and that you’ll have access to expert help when you deal with your challenges. The coaching is done on regular weekly group calls, utilizing online high performance platforms. 

2. The Curriculum

We have laid out the curriculum in such a way that it fits in a natural order of things, but also so that you may have the best chance of making back your entire investment with us fast, so that you’re practically no longer burdened by your investment as you may need some time to implement certain parts of the system. We collect happy clients.

4. Community

Going it alone isn’t the best strategy for most things in life and neither in business. We strive to inspire all to be active members of our community. You’ll find that we are all in the same boat, even if our results or sizes of businesses may differ. The challenges that we see in one business is typically pretty much the same we have seen in every other business.


Who We Work With

We work with business owners of small and medium sized businesses. The industry that you’re operating in doesn’t much matter for our systems and lessons are universal for the world of business and have provided amazing results in every imaginable industry.

We like to work with smart people (no, you don’t have to have a lot of education or fancy degrees), and certainly we like to work with people who are not afraid to actually implement our systems and follow through.

Remember, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

To benefit the most from your investment with us, you need to take note of the lessons and systems and implement these in your business. You’ll be glad you did.

This means you’re also coachable. For sure, we tend to learn a lot from our clients ourselves, but let’s be honest, nobody learns anything unless one shows up open-minded and receptive.

You have ethics and integrity. We pride ourselves with the same and we only like to work with like-minded people. Although we emphasize making more money for you and doing so with speed, our systems, methods and lessons are NOT another get rich quick scheme. Getting results require real work and real efforts.

Finally, we are not the cheapest! We do not wish to be the cheapest. We also do not wish for our clients to be the cheapest. We want to rank ourselves among the best in our industry and strive to be exactly that. The best come at a premium and we feel fully confident in what we are offering and what we are charging for what we offer. We want you to feel the same for you and your offerings in your business.

Although our programs come at five and six figure investment tags, they are well worth it. When we have previously implemented what we offer you with clients on site, the investment for such clients would typically run (depending on the length of engagement) at some $250,000 – $750,000.

By way of our delivery form via online membership sites and training platforms, and group coaching calls your investment is considerably reduced. Additionally, consider also that the return on investment for our past clients who paid the large aforementioned investments, the return typically ranged between 4 to 7 times the investment. I.e. an engagement running at an investment of $250,000 would typically return the client with value of $1,000,000-$1,750,000.

Some clients have more scope for the larger return and perhaps more easily accessible opportunities than others, but all clients saw returns of at least 4 times their investment (within the 12 months following full implementation of our methods, and when up-keeping full and correct use of same).

Seeing your investment is likely to be much less, your possible return would be potentially much, much larger.


What Makes Us Different?

Well, first of all: We’re focused on you making more money fast. How much more money? A lot! And Did we mention fast?

We could easily show you a lot of glorified business systems that have lots of merits, but that honestly, at the end of the day, do not bring you much more money. 

No, what we are focused on is helping you make a lot more money and some of it fast.

Our first focus is that we wish for you to become truly happy with your investment with us, so we focus on enabling you to make all your investment back in your business as speedily as possible.

How fast can this be?

Well, truthfully that much depends on the current state of your business. But for our ideal clients they can actually often make their investment back within a month or two.

As you can see we are focused on you making more money and fast. I.e. to large extent, our focus is: MORE MONEY and SPEED.

Why more money?

Well, first off, money IS important. When they say Money Isn’t Important, THEY”RE LYING!!

Simple as that!

Money is super important and very critical. If we do not secure a decent profitable operations and business, then our business won’t likely last very long and all our plans and dreams go out the window.

Let’s say you’re a person  of a good heart and have greater causes as your driving factor. Well, great, I like that as much as anybody and I have such driving forces in me too. But at the end of the day, bills need to be paid and obligations need to be met, and it is after all much easier to do a lot of good when you have the means to make things happen and aren’t struggling with your cash or your cash flow.

Speed is the other big factor.

The reason is that a lot of our clients have been businesses that were in the eleventh hour of the business lives. If something didn’t change soon and cash would pour in, their businesses would have been forced closed down, possibly by bankruptcies.

When I have been sent in to aid and salvage such businesses, they didn’t have a dime, had debt collectors calling them like crazy and lots of obligations that were more than difficult to meet. Then they invite me in, who demands to be paid in full on a weekly basis, and to the tune of $25,000-45,000 a week.

So, now the troubled business owners have to go out and find funding for more money they don’t have and sign up for even more obligations that will have to be met, and knowing that somehow they money will have to be found and made with the business, that they have themselves been unable to make perform to any decent degree as of late.

As you can imagine, unless I was a completely heartless person, I need to find some real success and business improvements fast. I need to help the clients find cash instantly. I need to find this within the ailing business, by helping them fix what’s wrong in and with their business.

Speed in other words is critical and essential.

So although, your investment in my programs are much, much less (although still a size-able investment), I still believe that I will only do you right when I give you the same opportunity to find MUCH MORE CASH IN YOUR BUSINESS AND THAT I GIVE YOUR THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO FAST!


So what I’m saying here, is that our focus here at The Automated Millionaire is to provide systems, tools, insights, lessons and coaching that are truly applicable and that  have proven to provide real results as in businesses making more money, both with more speed and more ease.



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